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01 Aug 2011
PostedNov 18, 2013 7:44 pm

bug. all my sentinel data lost

good day Sunday 11/17/2013 I played quite scarlet blade . and decided to level up my old acc .
however around 13:00 pm I left the game with my account with sentinel lv 15 . I closed the game and exit. when I tried to reconnect the game was in trouble and was not logging . I saw in the forums including live chat forum American and everyone was complaining about the problem and the gms server were saying they were trying to solve the problem of login . finally gave up playing Sunday night already and today Monday 11/18/2013 and the game tried to play normal.

BUT TO MY SURPRISE ALL MY WORK SUNDAY WAS LOST . My account is with my sentinel in lv 3 and lost everything I 've done all my quests until you reach lv 15 . MEW I LOST ALL MY WORK UP. SKILL TO BUILD . QUESTS . ITEMS IN GAME because this server failure '. I will make it clear that in NO time I forced to close the game . because the game itself warns that if closed without waiting for the latter there may be data loss . I am a player mmorpg experienced and know the work that give leveling and make your skill build prissy . and I'm just disappointed that this failure had with my char sentinel .

already sent email with the problem to the support email , but I had no answer.


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28 May 2011
United States
PostedNov 18, 2013 8:02 pm
Unfortunately the game suffered a rollback to Saturday, this is why your character was again lvl 3 when you logged in and all gained items/quests past that point were gone.
Official Announcement Here

If you happened to receive any AP items during that time, they will be refunded.

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