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18 Jul 2007
PostedJul 19, 2007 11:13 am

Behind the Rose HeavenlyRose the most beloved merchant and h

Behind the Rose
HeavenlyRose the most beloved merchant and her story.

I'm writing this in caring consideration of HeavenlyRose. She was one of the most loved players, merchants, and friends of many on Cariae server.
Today on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 our last sight of HeavenlyRose.

But do you all know why she was deleted? I'm sure you do. She was trying to protect other merchants and she was trying to protect the dignity of Last Chaos itself.

The bug that was uncovered recently was worse then a mere gold selling site. It was people exploiting the game to aquire millions, billions, and trillions of gold. For this descovery and for her bringing it to the attention of others, OFF WITH HER HEAD!?

Do you know that the GM's didn't even tell her why she was deleted? They just did it.

heavenlyrose says:
i did it!
heavenlyrose says:
i became something they feared!
AnonWriter says:
Was that your final goal?
heavenlyrose says:
heavenlyrose says:
heavenlyrose says:
to show them
heavenlyrose says:
even 1 simple char
heavenlyrose says:
can cause Hard for them

This was said in an earlier conversation with her. What she said is true as well. The GM cannot fix the problem by deleting the REAL exploiters. But instead the delete the one who is worried about her hard earned gold. They delete the innocent. They delete someone who is trying to help look out for the well being of Last Chaos. She was trying to protect the Cariae server economy. For those of us who have little to no money and strive to scrape up every little coin. Yet there are people out there who do not have to strive... They exploit and have it all. Thus becoming an in game monopoly when they buy up all the Heaven Stones and Pet parts they can find!

Even others see this as a problem... People even have thing to say about her that were sweet and caring. Like Snugglebunny for instance. Though he quit some time ago I like to keep him up to date on Last Chaos drama and here is what he had to say about her:
She was really funny, and nice. It was nice seeing someone not really taking the game totally serious all the time. She just really enjoyed merchanting more than leveling, so I can see why she got so mad Sad[/qoute] That is coming from a player who quit because of the economy and because of the issues with how everyone in the game deals with this stuff. He left because the innocent go down and the guilty stay on top! I know I've come close to quitting for this very reason.

To close my little note here I will end with her final letter to everyone.

This will get me delete or ban and as of this this will be my farewell letter to everyone i know.

As of yesterday their has been a glitch in the game system allowing an easy gain of hundred of billions (100,000,000,000) easily. I have spent hours trying to warn the GM of this event the following are screenshot I have taken.

This event was out of hand it existed long before this but not to an extreme point only yesterday did 1 of the person who found this glitch pass out money to a whole lot of new players and they in turn went out to buy every single pet part, es, iris, and such item in the market destroy the market system of cararie server.

This is a major problem so is ent the Gm screenshot. I must warn you guys unless a GS take the screenshot or else they won't believe you! GM SusanRev regarded these screenshot as "edited" and disregard until I got Rarez to help me get the same picture proof then seh believe me.

So for future reference your screenshot mean nothing and all your proof are lies to them.

The GM then decided to cover up this money problem by deleting 1 person and letting the money continue to be abuse by low level players who in 1 day now have billions more then you. All you hard working players now are poorer then a newb who played for 5 minute!

They have no intetion of fixing this instead their resolution is let it be and keep it a secret! I'm telling you this because i strongly disagree with their action as they attempted to delte every post about this after they finally understood the bug was real.

I spent 6 hours helping and trying to alert them and keeping it under secrecy, but all i got from helping them was bankruptcy from 100 hard worked mill to a mere 200k! Of course they will continue to cover this up and say my screenshot are again a fake!

But let me ask you what kind of GM is this that take us player as dirt and everything bad that happend we deal with it as they try to cover up their mistake...

HeavenlyRose's final letter ^_^ I wish you all well love you.  

And her true final letter...

[qoute]be careful now ^_6 if you help the GM they might delete your account lol.

SusanRev very cute of ya and you said you would allow the info to be out in public since its over with now ^_^. Yet all my psot are deleted and my account banned/deleted.

Is it that much a problem to say that you GM are imcompentent and only stop the game from future destruction but did not completely fix the gold hack issues. Out their still lies billions of gold circulating and newb with dragon and horse armor. They didn't even take an hour of work to get them and yet somehow you think that its fair.

Some GM you guys are right if your going to try so hard to cover it up why not try harder to fix it.  

As for my final word to this it is that SusanRev.. If it is heart warming to see honest players come forward... Why is HeavenlyRose gone?
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