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Basic Guide to beginning MP

more coming soon
This is the beginning of a work that I hope will help the MP community,all the info found in everyone of the guides is all information obtained by amazing people in the community,and has all been edited and made usable buy the incredible VengeFul.

more guides should be coming soon such as (hopefully) a fusion guide,a guide to earning bb,basic team builds,Help for each race,Guides to chains such as the Arc dragon chain and more,I am hoping that once again these forums can be useful to us.

MP= Monsters Paradise
Bb= Battle Brew (the currency of MP)
Nec/RN= Replenishing Nectar
NFT= Not For Trade
NTY= No Thank You
LF=Looking For
FT= For Trade
WTB= Want To Buy
FF= Fusion Food (Slimes and rares usually)
PC= Price Check (Asking for a PC before trading ensures you buy/sell for right prices)
N= Normal
R= Rare
SR= Super Rare
UR= Ultra Rare
Tabs= Tablet Dragons


Auction= An auction is like what it would be in real life; a card is offered and you bid on it offering cards bb and nec. The best offer wins. A good auctioneer sets a reserve a little lower than market price. Auctions are also honour-bound to be done if the reserve and time-limit is met. If the winner backs out, the second-place person gets it, as long as they met the reserve. If not, then another auction may be held, if you so wish to.

Tab Farming= Making tablet dragons then selling them for bb/necs. The rate for tabs is about 5:1. Meaning 5 tabs for 1 BB.


Most Cards have a skill.
That skill has an activation rate which gives it a chance to activate before any fight.
The leader of your team you use in battle can also activate its skill after your team as taken a certain amount of damage, represented by the yellow bar under the (U)DMs health bar. The (U)DM also has the ability to activate their skill. Your skill bar will always be on the right side, while the (U)DM's will be on the left.

There are two main different types of skills each with subsets,there are skills that do not fall into either of these categories,but they are exceptions
Single Target Buffers
Numerically Restricted Buffers
Race Restricted Buffers
Multiplying Race Buffers
Full Team Buffers (no restrictions)
Single Target Debuffers
Team Debuffers
Multiplying Single Target Debuffer
Race Multiplying Team Debuffer
Race Restricted Debuffer

Single Target Buffers
Numerically Restricted Buffers
Race Restricted Buffers
Multiplying Race Buffers
Full Team Buffers (no restrictions)
Single Target Debuffers
Team Debuffers
Multiplying Single Target Debuffer
Race Multiplying Team Debuffer
Race Restricted Debuffer
Differant skills are useful at different times and different events.

Attack Multiplying buffers work differently in GvG events, than for PvP

In PvP the buff effects only the card that activates the skill
In GvG the buff effects your whole team.
Therefore, multipliers are the best skills for a GvG, but not as good as race buffers for GvG

Attack debuffers decrease the attack of your opponent, whether that be in PvP or in GvG.

Defense buffers can be used in the place of an attack debuffer, but thus far, only multiplying defense buffers are better than the common attack debuffers.

Defense debuffers can be used in place of attack buffers, but are not commonly used as the effectiveness of a defense debuffer has restrictions, and has not been proven to be as effective.

There are two common team set ups for GvG all of which are commonly made of the same race.

Lead: Debuffer (or multiplying defense debuffer)
Followed by: Five multiplying race buffers


Lead: Multiplying race buffer
Followed by: 3-4 Multiplying race buffers and 1-2 debuffers (or multiplying defense debuffers)

Event guide:


GvGs (Guild versus Guild events) are events in which you quest to scout for DMs (Dark Monsters) and UDMs (Ultra Dark Monsters) once scouted, you race to use a team of 6 or less cards to battle the DMs. The more damage you do to the DMs the more DP (Dark Points) you earn.
The more DP you earn the higher you rank. The Guild's DP are the total of every person's DP in that guild. In a GvG you will be facing another guild each day. The guild that collects the most DP wins the match and earns a reward.
Ranking rewards are better the higher you rank. The same goes for Guild rank.

Colosseum Events!
The Colosseum is a PvP event where you earn Battle Points which work towards you personal rank,and towards the BP store.
As a PvP event,GvG based skills, do not work the same as in GvG, it's better to use your other basic skills.
Battle Points(BP) are gathered by attacking other players in the coliseum,as you collect BP,you will have two different counts of BP,current, and total.
Total BP is the number of BP you have collected over the whole event,total BP never decreases, but can only increase even if you use BP in the BP Store.
Current BP shows how much Usable BP you have right now,this number changes up and down as you spend BP,earn BP,and lose BP(if you are level 50 or more)
The BP store is a place where you can trade BP for various rewards made available,the rewards change every event.
The Colosseum is split into four groups based on level1-30,30-55,55-99,100+ each different level group will have different ranking rewards.
The ranking rewards are given out based one which players have the most BP,there is no Guild rank, each player plays for themselves.
Q:Why does it say I receive 4BP for the battle,and two for my winning streak,but it only gives me 4?
A:It does actually rewards all 6 BP, it just doesn't show it adding the two in in the after battle report.
Q:Why is my MP negative?
A:It is a minor glitch.It means you attacked the same person multiple times,even though it only showed you attacked once,no reason to panic, your MP will recover like normal, you just need to wait.

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