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[Guide] Ticket System Explained

~ How to send in a ticket ~
How to use Aeria's Ticket Support System

If you need to report harassment, missing prizes from events/promos, or any other kind of issues, check this thread. This guide will show you how to use the Ticket Support System, and how to fill the Contact Us form properly.

First off, log into your account. Keep in mind that you can still access the Contact Us form even if you're not logged; however, "Game Support" and "Billing" options won't be available. But you can access "Reset Password", "Ban Appeal", "Trouble Creating Account" and "Recover a Lost Account" options. These options are for people who cannot access their account to use (because it was banned, hacked, etc.) and don't want the trouble of making a new account just to appeal a ban or report a hacked account.

At the top of the forum page, you will see links for Games, Community and Support. Click on Support then Contact Us to proceed to the Contact Us form.

Now, select the category of your issue report. Each category form has similar fields to fill. The following example goes for Game Support.

This is the Contact Us form, for Game Support. I will explain each section separately.


Account Name
Your Aeria's Username will be visible here. This field cannot be edited. If you see any errors in this field, you might be on the wrong account or your information is incorrect. Also, depending on the category you selected, it may be required to enter your e-mail address, which is the one you used to register your account on the Aeria website.

1. Subcategory
Select the subcategory that best represents your issue report. If you are not 100% sure, or your issue doesn't fall under any of the subcategories, pick "Other".

2. Game
As it says, select the game you are having issues with. In this example, I will pick "DDTank in English".

3. Server
The server in which you play on. This is mainly intended for games that have more than one server (for example, DDTank has two servers: Helios and Cerberus).

4. Character Name
The name of the character that your issue is related too. If there is more then one, then separate them with " ; ". In this example, I have put "Bob".

5. Date and Time
Complete these fields with the precise date and time your issue occurred. Here is an example.

6. Timezone
Select YOUR current timezone from the list.

7. Subject and Message
Complete the field with the subject of your ticket, and type your message in the Message box. Be clear about what the problem is, and give as much information as you possibly can, including evidence to back it up (screenshots for example). If your message is too long, you can grab the lower right corner of the Message window and drag it down so you can see your entire message. If you wish to receive a copy of the ticket, click the check-box labeled "Send Me A Copy". Finally, click on the "Send E-mail" button to submit your ticket.



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Useful thread! :3


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Thanks for this thread!
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