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27 Aug 2012
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PostedJul 01, 2013 4:19 pm

OCG AVA Draft 7/1/13 @ 8PM EST

Online Competitive Gaming is having a Alliance of Valiant Arms Draft

Game: Alliance of Valiant Arms ( A.V.A )

Date: July 1st, 2013 ( Monday )

8:00 P.M Eastern
7:00 P.M Central
6:00 P.M Mountain
5:00 P.M Pacific

Rules / Regulations:[url]

Ventrilo Information:

IP / Hostname:
Port: 3823

Prize: Will be supported by Aeria Games.

First Place: 1,000 AP / Player
Second Place: 40,000 Euros / Player
Third Place: 10,000 Euros / Player
Extras: 1 000 AP - Random Giveaway on Ventrilo, If we fill over 150 people on!
* If we fill the Ventrilo server during the Draft ( 200 Slots ) than we will double the prizes!

This will be Live Casted on

Anti-Cheat must be run during Draft!

How this will work:

Players will be on Ventrilo at the correct preset times posted above. They will be in the Draft lobby waiting area ( muted ). From there players will put their forum and in game name ( IGN ) in their comment. Players must have this, or elts they will not be picked for a team. Players can also put in their comment "captain" if they would like to be a captain. From there the players that volunteer to be captains will be moved down into the rooms Team 1-16. Staff members will go to the rooms starting with Team 1 and ask who they would like for a first pick. After they pick Staff will go to Team 2 and do the same concept. This will start over each time they go through teams 1-16. The people that don't get picked will be moved into the Ringers 1 Channel. The people that show up late will be automatically moved into the Ringers 2 Channel. After the teams play on a set map and rule set the winning team will then report to the match report room. Then playing opposing other winning teams. If your team has lost and you still want a chance to play, you can be asked to be moved in the Ringers 3 Channel. Players that don't run the Anti-Cheat ( ACS ) will be banned for AC Violation and will be on the ban list. Players that don't play by the rules will be disqualified along with the team, and the other team automatically wins. Players that show unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended from the draft. Winners names will be recorded and given their prizes as soon as possible. Prizes are usually given within 24-48 Hours.

-Michael, OCG Staff
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