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Basic infomation can be found here!
Hello Arkana!

MISSION Briefing: 102190381A~ Q-Clearance Required

This briefing is to prepare you for combat operations in Al-kavasa. At this point we believe only 150 Arkana per faction can operate in this conflict zone. Your mission is simple, kill every Arkana of the opposing faction, destroy the enemies turrets, and recover 4 banners.

To assist you in this operation we have made additional ground forces available. We believe that that the enemy is well entrenched, we are confident that you will prevail!

We have received Intel that a Fearsome monster has been known to make a nest here. Be prepared......

~_~ END BRIEF ~_~


You must be level 30+
-The portals will open in the Neutral Settlement in Viledon next to the garage like building.
-Click the area below the portal to enter this will cause your icon to change to a swirl.

Coordinates for Portal:
11086,12074 for RG
9973,12069 for Free Knights

*Thanks to TheNinjaKitten for supplying the X,Y!*


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PostedJul 21, 2014 11:24 am
UPDATE please ;3

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PostedOct 02, 2014 6:47 am
The AK portal has moved to Nemesis where it appears at the main entrance to the RG and Free Knights bases, same place where the SI and RT missions depart.

The start time is 3:00PM EDT on Saturdays, or 19:00UTC.

Since AK is in Nemesis now, the AK level requirement is now raised to 40. 39s can also get to Nemesis but I can't remember if they are allowed to do AK. I don't think so.

What to DO in AK? If you don't know, just follow everyone else and do what they do. There is a set pattern, more or less. Get on a team and follow their plan. Kill stuff.

How to get AK wings: recover a flag and plant it back on your flag terminal.

If you want wings, the best way to get them is to LET the other side steal your flags -so long as you can recover them. If you defend your flag terminals successfully with no losses, great! But no wings for you. Hold your fire for a few moments and let them steal it. THEN kill them. Simple. And be sure to thank the other faction for helping you achieve your butterfly fashion statement.

Tip: planting a flag back on the terminal takes several seconds. Be patient and hopefully your fellow faction will defend you while this process takes place.

If someone already has wings, they may want to think about allowing another player to have a shot at a flag recovery.

Good luck!

corrections welcomed

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