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Dynasty Warriors 6 Creepypasta - A dark experience

A story on creepypasta
I've experienced one.

Let me... tell you the story, it still frightens me though, but, maybe it'll help release the fear.

So, one day, I was hooked onto games, I barely started playing on a PSP and PS2 until my friend gave me a few of his games for me to try out, I was really excited, really.

My friend, Jimmy, told me that I could have the first three games I wanted to pick, and since I was at his house at the time, I wanted to browse for more, since I was eying his cabinet full of video games.

I searched and searched, I only liked historic games since I was really into history, I picked out Call of Duty 2 : Big Red One, Call of Duty 3, Tenchu 3 : Wrath of Heaven, and anything related to the genres I loved.

Then, I saw a game series that my friend mentioned, he told me that 'Dynasty Warriors' was a game based on the Three Kingdoms era, and boy was I excited, because, at a young age, I used to watch 'Quan Cong', or translated in English, 'Guan Cong' or something like that, basically, the movie revolved around Guan Yu.

So, after receiving the remaining Dynasty Warrior games from my friend Jimmy, which were mostly the Empires versions, and a DW5 one, I saw the last Dynasty Warriors copy that was left behind, and when Jimmy saw me eying it, he just gave it to me.

I was really excited, the game he gave me was written out in plain text as Dynasty Warriors 6, and nothing else, just a plain white text on a black background of the disc. Seriously, I saw one of the posters before, and it had Zhao Yun, my favorite character on the cover, but for some reason, this one didn't have it.

I asked Jimmy what happened to the cover on the disc, and he just told me that it came like that when he bought it from Gamestop's used area, but, he never got to play it is what he finished, so, he gave it to me since he was already spoiled by the plot in his previous game, Dynasty Warriors 5.

So when we were walking downstairs, he told me that he really didn't need to play the same thing again, he might have just wanted to try it another time over on my house.

After spending an hour at Jimmy's house, I took myself home back to my house, at that time, when I came home, my parents were about to leave, with only my Grandma to watch over me. I had no problem with that, she was really good at looking over me, she even took care of me as a toddler, so, yeah, and I also preferred her cooking over my Mom's.

So, like my usually gaming life, I started playing my new games, I finished them all, from Onimusha : Warlords to Resident Evil 4, I saved the best for last, Dynasty Warriors 6. At that time, 6 was the latest Dynasty Warriors installment.

And from here, I remember everything, like as if I noted it down onto a sheet of paper, copied it and pasted, from that moment that I put that Dynasty Warriors 6 disc in, the horror started just shortly after.

After putting the disc into my PS2 slim version, the one that was cheap and on sale in Wal-Mart, I was pumped and ready to play, for me being Asian, I pronounced every name correctly, except for how they used Cow Cow for Tsao Sao, along with Cow Pee, instead of Tsao Pee.

So, just as usually, the KOEI logo came up, and W-force or something that were the producers came second, and then, my favorite thing of the entire game, the awesome cinematic opening. But, there was something, the screen started to static at the moment Zhao Yun took off his cape, and everything started getting louder, as if screeching, it almost busted my ears, and I had the volume only at five, but it sounded as if it was at thirty, or even higher, so, I just skipped the opening, I mean, I could just go to Youtube and watch it with better quality then my lame television.

And so, the screen came onto the main menu, and from my sneak peek of a Youtube gameplay, by Hank2811, I noticed that the character shadows and building shadows for the menu options weren't there, except only blank, the color was disoriented, as if left out or something, like, destroyed, the music, was the big difference, it was low and deep, instead of the ancient oriental feeling.

But, hey, I thought it was just because the game was too old that it was broken, but, at least it was working fine, and so, I started off with my most favorite force, Shu, and from there, I started with my most favorite hero, Zhao Yun!

And so, the cutscene when Gongsun Zan, Zhao Yun and Yuan Shao start off, until Zhao Yun breaks off the fight between them, but, the voices were disoriented to start off with, and right before Zhao Yun salutes Yuan Shao, the screen static came back, and this time, it was screeching louder, and louder, so, I just couldn't take it, I pressed the 'Start' button and skipped it towards the battle preparations.

The music was 'Run, Run, Run.' from DW5 for some reason, and this confused me A LOT. And when I tried to equip something, the game would bring up these messages like "A force is behind you, escape is growing thin.'' or like ''Yin collides with Yang, split between the two, if you do not know how to survive, then only with death will you continue''. To me, one side of my brain was telling me it was riddle talk, and the other told me it was just because of the game, and with my gamer self, I chose to just continue and ignore the messages.

So, Zhao Yun started off with the Battle of Hulao gate, that's where KOEI started his story off I suppose. During the battle, I couldn't get onto any horses, since I couldn't equip mine, I was sure Cao Cao wouldn't mind if I used his to approach a few officers, but, it was all weird at that moment, the static started slightly again, and then, again, I saw my character losing health at the second, but, nothing was hitting me, and my allied NPC's, each time I was close to them, they'd all die out, and slowly half of the Allied Forces were out except Gongsun Zan, Yuan Shao, and a few unknown officers, or unimportant ones at that matter, those I didn't bother traveling towards.

And then a cutscene came, and I could already tell who it was about, and it was amazing how at this cutscene, it didn't static or anything, except for when Lu Bu would appear, instead of rampaging like he always would, he'd let out a ear deafening screech, his eyes red. I thought to myself, maybe KOEI added this as a new ability or some sort, but the screeches were just to loud, as if real, so, I had to skip the cutscene, but, it didn't work, I pressed start a few times and nothing worked so I had to sit through all those bloody screeches.

I was really glad when the cutscene was done, but, when I came back to gameplay, Zhao Yun's health was below yellow, and now, I was worried, so, I thought to myself, eh, whatever, and approached Lu Bu, the guy I hate the most, and tried to fight him, I had him locked onto Zhao Yun's L1 and Triangle attack a few times but, his health didn't go down, instead, mine did.

I was really worried, so I went back to find a health item until Lu Bu murdered almost everybody except Yuan Shao, Yan Liang, Wen Chou, and I, I was afraid to lose this mission, so I come in with a true musou, but, when I used it, Lu Bu knocked me out of the way and sent my game over quickly.

The death sequence music came and the screen static came back, the screeches came quickly and even laughter came in, after passing the 'Game Over' screen, at the Main Menu, it popped up a message ''You are left defenseless.", but I ignored that, and character messages came up ''You've unlocked Zhao Yun's profile in the encyclopedia!" and so on, naming all the generals I've killed and all the my allied ones that retreated as unlocked.

It confused me, but, I went to check it out anyways. To my surprise, ALL of those characters dates and history were wrong, Yuan Shao, killed in action at Hulao gate, at the year around 190 or something. It was REALLY, confusing.

Then, the laughter came back and then the screeching which the screen static, and this time, I couldn't exit the Encyclopedia, enduring that moment of screaming, I pushed myself again a pillow and waited. I heard my television turn off, and my PS2 fall from the table, as if moved by itself, seriously, moved by itself!

Then, I slowly moved the pillow from my face by an inch, just enough to peek out, and there it was, the Dynasty Warriors 6 disc, no longer written as Dynasty Warriors 6, only mocking the title of the 'Game Over' screen song, in text that was deep crimson red.

''Thanks for playing''


Made by zhaoyun034, hope ya enjoyed.

"Never let your rank blind you for who you truly are"
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