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04 Mar 2013
PostedMay 10, 2013 1:13 pm

reset me hero

i want my hero back he is death only one u can return for to i have 1x for these :)
please help me i want my hero back he is death is um and after deleted can reset the hero please its death only one no more i have 1x for to use for thse please return my hero name is -NuuB.CloSeR- tnx again Smile


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30 Jun 2009
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PostedMay 12, 2013 10:12 pm
not sure if your trolling but if i understand what you wrote. Your UM died. So you need to do this or remake it. If you didn't have great gears and pvp rank, and thinking you are new so wouldn't., just remake it. Also not the correct forum. Should be in the General section so more would have seen your need of assistance. The process would be this though:

Has your Ultimate Mode character fallen in battle? Did you forget to have a res rune in your inventory or a Conti activated on your character? Have no fear, our GM Character Revival service can get your UM back into the fight!

Our placeholder for this service is that "Character Restore Ticket." Please note that the service is different depending on which server you play on.

For the four "original" servers (Lailah, Teos, Etain, and Gaia), please click this link.

For the Phoenix server, please click this link.

Now that you understand the basics, let's go over how to request it in your ticket! If you haven't already, follow the instructions on submitting a ticket in the original post. You should be ready to enter your Subject and Message on your ticket by now. Please copy and paste the following into your ticket and replace the italicized text with your information. Tickets without the relevant information may be delayed.

Subject: GM Character Revival


Character Name: (Type the EXACT name of character to be restored)
Character Level: (Type the level of the character to be restored)
Character Class: (Type the class of the character to be restored)  

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