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07 Oct 2010
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Minecraft Server, for those Minecraft players on Shaiya!

For minecrafters who are looking for a nice small server!
Server Name – Hammarecraft
Website –
Server Address/IP –
Tags – Survival; PVP; PVE; Economy; RPG

Hammarecraft is a PVP-Enabled Survival server, with the perks of many extras. Our server is a non-profit server, meaning all donations toward the server go straight back into it to help it grow. With a great staff and a great community, also with the addition of many worlds and plugins, our server can fit the needs of most Minecraftiers.

-Our Staff-
Our staff is filled with great people and many helpers. They will help you get started once you join the server, but as long as you ask for help. Any staff abuse can be reported on the website and is only viewble to the owners.

Our server is also Co-Owned by:
Ruphies, Drostan_S

Dimlight25, ThexN00BxSlayer

MusicNinjas, them_lem0nz, Holygirl134, nic1236, leo000904, CaaptainFerrett, Infernoimpz


Because minecraft changes its world generation occasionally, we made a separate world for the spawn, so we don't have to worry about transferring it every time. This world holds all the warps to different worlds and the market.

This was our main survival world before the 1.4 update. This world is never reset or deleted for a new world, and is where we would transfer all the builds that are wanted to be kept. This is also where we keep the server builds and Easter eggs for observant players.

This world is the most updated world, sometimes would be replaced with a fresh, new world to add all the newest Minecraft updates!

The Star in the sky is dying, but before it goes, its letting off powerful solar rays that burn you in the sunlight, so your forced underground… Good luck scavenging and trying to survive in an endless dungeon maze covered in hostile monsters that also can’t survive on the surface. If you manage, then you are greatly rewarded with the treasures that lie below… TheOther is a specialized world specifically for the DiabloDrops plugin.

Pretty self Explanatory, this is the skyblock world. After taking the stargate here, there is an island registration building on the right, which creates your island for you.

-Crematoria- (Side project we need some good builders ex prisoners)
The Prison World.

[1] Be respectful of your fellow player
[2] Swearing is allowed, but not excessively
[3] No Monster Grinders that do damage to or trap the mobs.
[4] Do not exploit our plugins - Doing so could result in a wipe of your RPG levels, money, and more.
[5] No Spamming, Hacking, X-raying, and so on.

Allowed Mods: Minimap, InventoryTweaks, Optifine. If you want to use other mods, feel free to ask us. As long as it doesn't give you an unfair advantage, it's usually fine.

UniqueHosting hosted, 4GB RAM, 80 slots We upgrade and downgrade as needed.


McMMO: A lightweight RPG plugin.

RetractableBridges: You can create real time functioning retractable bridges.

Chairs: A simple plugin that allows you to sit on stairs.

WorldGuard: A powerful plugin that allows you to claim and protect a region.

LWC: Light Weight Chest Protection. A simple and powerful way to lock your chests and doors.

Stargate: A stargate like warp system that allows you to create custom portals.

PorteCoulissante: You can create real time functioning gates.

Citizens: NPCs! Donators can request custom NPCs from admins.

SignShop: Allows you to create item shops

MondoChest: This plugin allows you to auto sort and store large amounts of items.

SimpleClans: A great clan plugin that allows for clan tags, wars alleys and much more.

Decapitation: A player head drop plugin that we use to place and claim bounties.

DeathTpPlus: This plugin creates a death chest and stores all your items when you die. You can also Death tp from spawn at the giant gold block.

DiabloDrops: A specialized plugin centered around spawning specially enchanted weapons/armor with the
names/prefixes from the popular game Diablo 3. You can find these items within structures called Ruins, or
dropped by mobs. The special drops can be found in the dungeon world. A lot of them are useless but
some are very powerful. Just ask anyone about the "Death Sword"!

Features of DiabloDrops:

* Tools named with popular Diablo prefixes, suffixes, and colors. (Magical, Rare, Lore, Set, Legendary)
* Mobs can spawn with enchanted tools and armor, so beware!
* Allows mobs to randomly drop enchanted, lore, and custom items they may be wielding
* Adds potion effects to your items when used!
* Add Lore to you items with enhanced abilities and effects
* Socketted Items and (You find special gems that you can socket into these items.)
* Ruins that generate in the TheOther with chests containing magical items


Inside the Spawn building. On the right is the ATM, and on the left, is a gold block shop, for DeathTP's
The Warps building is a straight shot from the spawn building.

The Market, for all your shopping needs. (Sellshops coming soon)
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