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01 Apr 2013
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PostedMay 07, 2013 5:55 am

Just a story

I'm bored so lemme right
Once upon a time a novice named Carlos_kun was born someone called him carlo which led to an argument he pawned the other dude because he called him carlo even though his name clearly states "Carloskun" he traveled around siwa killing kwabs and jelly wabbits also ruweindweers and bwaby dwagons after that a little gurl named jahsmine told him that muha will give a sowd for fighters he became a fighter and pawned uwaincwient gwanbawon he then met scwowpwon bwite and bwossom and jawsn and a gurl that name is unremembered and was warped to a high level place yet clueless he sit there and found out he was gwetting plvl after a few minutes he left and pawned some mwonstwers also while wandering in ancient forest he died and now he's dead for good noooope he didn't die he was just stuwacted by wub and thus th stowy ewnds

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