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21 Dec 2012
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PostedMay 03, 2013 8:44 am

i can agree with the AP for stones argument

seems legit
but i by no means agree that you need upgrades to finish a trial.

raids are events that are meant to take HOURS.. people are sufficing by doing them in 10 minutes.

this is lame.

you're not enjoying the game, bum rushing through a raid like there's no tommorow. it beats the purpose of even playing the game if you want to do everything in 15 minutes.

people are filling up their golden archives too easily. just remove the upgrades.

surely aeria will be losing some sort of income...

what person in their righteous mind would want to +14 an item they'll replace anyway? waste of gold, waste of time. each lvl cap has their trials in accordance. as the lvl caps raise, lesser trials become obsolete. if there's still players farming them to supply weapons and material for their permas. then that's THEIR problem. but these players are making it EVERYONE's problem. by pretending the place can't be done with a lower amount of dps.

you'll have a lv 60 gold item upgraded to +6 which you don't want to replace with a lv 66 blue item because it's +0 and your atk would be higher with the +6..... but the other stats on the blue are still more beneficial.. why wouldn't you replace? you'll end up going +6 again, wasting gold you could've used to buy regskills. which people don't even use, yet tend to have the highest amount of dps output, if you're not killing yourself off to camp a lvl raising class skills.

just cap your reg skills and move on!

when 50 trials were the first trials i'm pretty sure people were getting them done without the upgrades.

the reason they don't get done is because players are too selfish to roll a party build. trials with OP players are rediculous. malice flies all over the place. sometimes i'm in a trial where the cleric tanks. this is SO stupid. gogo IceType.

also criticism is never ineffective. if you're trying to piss me off, like most people commenting on the things i say, then just don't say anything...

stay constructive.

people haunting a peer for a long time, just because they don't want to lvl are a burden to new players. they're holding them back from getting a larger income, getting more exp, and learning how to play the game effectively by themselves.

you're better off saving your safety stones for when you hit 75 in this current patch. you'll get that amazing golden or whatever color piece you want so much and you'd have howmany safety stones saved up to try and upgrade it?

nubs shouldn't have to bother themselves with SS. and rich players shouldn't complain about low dps, just because the nub doesn't feel like wasting his time or gold on upgrading a crappy item he won't even use once he lvls up.

keep it ENDGAME.


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21 May 2011
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PostedMay 04, 2013 2:18 pm
I don't have hours to spend on each single raid, and who made that distinction anyway? You? 20-30 minutes is the average run time in my experience anyway. Only a few you can do in 10 or fewer minutes, and that's only with a decent party. Not always available.

What's the purpose of playing a game? Having fun, no? Many people prefer the PvP aspect of the game and just want the gear from dungeons to help them in PvP. They would not appreciate being trapped for hours to complete a single dungeon which they would need to spam many times before getting the drops they need.

Too easily is purely your opinion. I think it's fine since it takes days to even find the drop you need most of the time, and you might not even get it if your party agrees to allow multiple calls.

Aeria losing income is a bad thing in the long run. The game needs to be profitable to be kept up.

Some people with the resources will think it's to their advantage to highly fortify a weapon at the current level cap and continue to use that weapon after the cap has been increased until they can find an adequate replacement. For example, level 75 players +14 their 75 purples to use for the time being until stronger weapons come along. If it's more effective, then why deny them of this? If there's no gap between the players who put more time, money, and resources into their gear and players who put mediocre amounts of effort into it, then there's really no point to even trying. People will quit even faster.

Not sure what your point is by mentioning the scenario with the +6 gold vs +0 blue. It's just a matter of what benefits you more at that instance, and it's a personal decision. Besides, most of the players who can afford to fortify extensively have already probably invested in regular skills and need a new way to improve their abilities. If a player fortifies lower level gear, like level 65 gear, it's probably because they plan to hit up the arenas for their prizes such as Honor Stars and medals before reaching the next level bracket (which obviously hosts the more competitive players).

When 50 trials were the only ones around, more people had +6 weapons and armor because SS was MUCH cheaper than it is now. Veninfang was being farmed to no end with Bards because Burning Metal wasn't nerfed at that time and the fireball mobs didn't have the triple hit skill to prevent runs.

Having a good tank that keeps aggro isn't always something that happens. If you don't have access to a good tank, make sure your team's dps is really high to kill everything faster. I've been in parties without any tank classes at all and we completed everything efficiently and easily. If you don't like full dps party structures, grab some close friends and start your own team. If you don't like aggro loss, then build a tank for yourself. If you don't care enough to build your own tank to preserve what you see as the integrity of the party structure, then it clearly doesn't mean too much to you.

I see a lot of the things you say as ineffective and potentially harmful to new players; if they mess up their KP, it can be difficult to change it back. Had you stayed away from advising KP builds that reduce potential damage, I would not have made any mention about that since there are many other ways to reduce malice generation. That aside, I also truly disagree with what you are saying about SS. Just because I hold a different opinion, I should be unable to comment on what you say? Feel free to post what you want as long as it doesn't cause misinformation. However, if you know what you say will offend some or otherwise attract negative attention, do not be surprised when it happens.

The purpose of this thread was to make SS more available to players to equalize the damage a little bit more without scrapping the entire system, which is something that is totally unfeasible since it 1) takes too much work 2) would make many current AP buyers and top players quit immediately 3) is not profitable for the company. I don't see that as constructive either.

How is staying at a lower level bracket holding new players back? Learning how to play the game effectively is relative and subjective. For example, based on what you posted/said in other places, I would say you've yet to learn how to manipulate/balance stats in this game. You may think the same of me. Who's right? If a lower level player comes across a block, then they'll realize something is wrong and fix it. If it happens at a later point, it doesn't make a huge difference because eventually that point will come. I'd suppose this usually happens around level 37-41 or at level 50 with the first access to Trials.

Saving SS till level 75? Yeah, I'm the type of person to do that, but I might invest starting at level 65 because depending on how you level, you may spend a LONG time getting from 65 to 75. Again, some people need to farm arena, some only like to play solo so need better gear for farming, and others just like to be on top of things and deck themselves out every 10 levels. They have the money, why not allow them to do it? Just because somebody spends their gold differently from you doesn't mean that's wrong. It varies because different players have different levels of patience for grinding, different levels of income to spend on AP, and different amounts of time to actually play the game.

Entry to the market for SS and its variants is already largely endgame due to the prices. That's different than asking for the entire system to be wiped.

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