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25 Feb 2013
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PostedMay 02, 2013 11:43 pm

Possible bug with magic damage and this class

Hey there is a bug or something with this class, I noticed it while playing on my pagan. Each point of WIS now gives you 1.3 magic attack power. Except WIS also gives the other benefits, like mana, magic resist, accuracy etc....And in Avyn's guide it said WIS only gives 0.2 magic attack?

To test this I made a Alliance mage on Etain and leveled it to 2. I took screenshots of my magic attack power before and after I put my stat points in. I put all 7 points into WIS and it increased my magic attack by 1.3 x 7 = 9.1.

Using a weapon with high WIS on my pagan gives more magic attack power than I would expect. If you don't believe me try it for yourself. It's not hard to test. Smile

EDIT: I found another easy way to test this. Have an oracle/priest cast prayer on you and watch how much your magic damage increases. It's exactly 1.3x the amount of WIS that prayer gives you. Smile
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