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Re: how to play game

shemoysclarke wrote:
hi so i was wondering how i could get in a team and start to play the game could someone please help me  
Getting Started

Wolf Team is free to download and free to play. This section has all the information you’ll need to create an Aeria account (if you don't already have one), download the game, and install it. You will also find information about selecting your Territory, choosing a Call Sign, and getting yourself geared up and ready to play.

Wolves and Humans

Wolf Team features two different player models: Werewolves and Humans. Here you’ll learn about the mechanics of transforming between them. You’ll also find details about the various Wolf Forms, and their specific abilities.


Once you’re ready to enter the game and get your claws dirty, this section will be a big help. It details the weapons system, interface, and game controls.

Game Modes

There are several different modes of gameplay. This section describes the parameters of each one. Some modes allow for free transformation, while others are strictly Humans vs. Wolves. Different modes also have different objectives, which are described here as well.


Here you’ll find information regarding equipment, such as weapons and enhancement items (i.e. Backpacks and Tattoos). This information is also available in-game when accessing the Item Shop – but we’ve condensed it here for your convenience.


Looking to be at the top of the dogpile? This is a comprehensive list of player rankings, as well as how many Growth Points (GP) are required to attain each rank.

Clan (Pride) Information

In Wolf Team, players have the opportunity to create or join clans called Prides. Participating in a Pride opens more opportunities, such as Pride Battles, missions, and a Pride-specific messenger. Pride members also gain bonuses when other members are online, based on their place in the Hierarchy.  

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Re: Everything to know about game play:

GirlycarDemon wrote:
Everything players need to know to play Wolf Team:

1. REGISTER AN AERIA ACCOUNT: Creating an account is easy, click here to get started

2. DOWNLOAD THE GAME: The client is not too large, it should take you less than an hour to download it. Visit the Wolf Team download page and choose any of the mirror sites listed or the Aeria Games bit torrent downloader.

3. INSTALLING: Once the download is complete, run the installer. If you are using Windows Vista you may need to run as admin and give the application permission to install.

4. BEFORE RUNNING THE GAME: Wolf Team uses GameGuard so it is suggested you close all background applications that could interfere with the game. Also if you have old video card drivers you may want to update them before playing for optimal performance.

5. LAUNCHING WOLF TEAM: Double-click the Wolf Team shortcut on your desktop to run the game. The first thing the game will try to do is patch up to the latest version. If you have a firewall or some other form of security software, be sure to give Wolf Team permission to run on your computer or else you may block some of the ports.

6. LOGIN: Once the game is done patching you can now log in. Type in your Aeria account name and password in the bottom right-hand corner of the launcher. If the launcher doesn't recognize your account name and you have an old account, try logging into the website and then try again. Once login is computer, GameGuard will being to patch before the game loads.

7. CHOOSE A CHANNEL: Your first decision once you get in the game will be to choose a channel. As a new player it is recommended you join the room Boot Camp which is level restricted to players of the rank Private

8. CHOOSE A ROOM: When you join a channel you will be presented with 10 rooms you can join. You can scroll through and find other rooms by using the arrows towards the bottom of the screen. It is suggested you begin by playing a Deathmatch game, since it is the simplest mode for new players. You will need to find a room where other players have a low ping (MS). If your ping is too high compared to other players you won't be able to join.

9. SELECT READY / GAME START: Once you find a room you will be put on a team. To switch teams you can use the circular arrows at the top of the screen, though both teams must be balanced. To begin playing select the the "Ready" button. If the game has already started the button will instead be called "Game Star"t.

10. PLAY: After the map loads you will begin playing. First you will select a weapon, for now just select the first option on the left. Controls in Wolf Team are similar to most other FPS games on the PC. You can use WASD to move around. Use the left mouse button to fire you weapon. Use the number keys to switch guns. In Wolf Team if you hit the "3" button you will transform into a werewolf (in modes that support this), and hit this button again to switch back to a human.

Various information regarding game play:

All of it should be self explanatory except the Network for most people (and we'll cover that shortly). If you do not know whether or not your machine can handle it, please go to the Technical Problems Board and create a topic following these instructions.

The P2P Explanation
Wolfteam is a P2P game. Not as in a "Pay-2-Play" (it's free-2-play, relax) but a "Peer-2-Peer." In short, what this means is when you play this game you won't be logging onto a dedicated server nor will be client side. The game is interwoven between all the players in it. When you play WolfTeam your connection will be based off of pinging every other player in the match and their ping with you. The lower the ping, the better! It's recommended that you have a ping of 90 or below, but up until 110 and you should be fine. Anything past that will cause delays and other players to lag.

Boot-Camp being the first channel is normally where newbies can go and fight with one another. Players with higher ranks can not enter Boot-Camp, so it's a great place to meet other new players and learn along side them. Moving down the list, you'll see regional zones set on each channel. You can meet and gun down people from your own timezone for more fun there. Most players tend to hang out in "Pac-West" or the PDT slot of WT.

If you'd like to test your ping please check out and for more information and tests, please see xKross's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Guide .

Money Money Money!
There are three different currencies in game.

      Aeria Points
      Wolf Coins.

Gold is obtained in several different ways, the majority being finishing a game. You obtain gold after every match and it will vary based on performance and if you have any multiplying factors such as being in a Clan, having an upgraded backpack or a Power-User/GP+ special item being equipped. Other ways to obtain gold is through gifting, tournaments, and events. For details and information on those, you'll have to visit the Wolf Team Events Board and Wolf Team General Discussion Board regularly.

Aeria points on the other hand are required for some of the higher end weapon and package purchases. Aeria Points (which will now be referred to as AP) is purchasable with real life money. 100 AP is $1 USD (Technically you get slightly more AP per dollar due in thanks to promotions and reward points).

If you can not buy AP, no worries. Here are plenty of ways to earn AP. To purchase AP you can visit the billing section of AG&E's website at

Wolf Coins are a currency used to buy certain weapons and items from the Wolf Coin mall. You gain 10 WC after 90 minutes of game play, once every 24 hours. You also gain a certain number of Wolf Coins with each AP based in game purchase, usuallydepending upon the duration of the items. The complete explanation of Wolf Coins can be found here: Wolf Coins.

The current Wolf Team ranking system: Ranks

Wolf Team is an FPS game based on several versions of the existing United States military ranking system, with General being the highest rank.

For the Veterans: Some general advice.

You are never so good that you can't get better!!

Voice Programs: Ventrilo, Team Speak, and more.

Information on better ways to communicate.

If you are still having a technical problem that is preventing you from playing it is recommended you visit the Tech Support Forum

Here is how to enable XFire for Vista and Windows 7:

Screen Shots: The rarely used, but most important tools.

Screen shots are images captured of the current screen. There are multiple ways to take screen shots in Wolf Team, such as print screen (PRNTSCRN) which can then be pasted into a Microsoft Paint file, F8 which saves a screen shot to the Wolf Team folder, or a software application such as FRAPS or XFire which will save thescreen shots to their respective locations.

Screen shots can be used for bragging rights, keeping track of scores, or the most important feature: Reporting behavior. To do this, you must upload the screen shots with as follows:, and then send in a ticket via

*Note* Please do not post anything here. This is a work in progress for a Game Sage assignment, and posting here will only cause problems. Do not post ANYTHING. All posts will be deleted.  

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Play wolfteam

Wolfteam is a massive multiplayer online first person shooting game which known as MMOFPS and it's a game where you take the role of someone in a virtual world to interact with other players who are doing the same as you. Here is a brief explanation for the modes that you can play in, in Wolfteam.


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