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Elite Founder: Scarlet Blade
23 Jun 2012
PostedMay 01, 2013 9:32 am

character loss right??

I dont get it aeria you guys already know that a lot of us here lost our characters and some of us spent hundred of $$ already.. why dont make an emergency maintenance to resolve this issue?? this only happened when you performed the emergency maintenance yesterday.. i know gamesages can directly contact GMs which in return can directly contact the programmers.. dont you care for your players who make u **** rich?? another thing im also a programmer and when i code i tend to make sure everything is perfect and working fine before i issue it to the customer.. i know not everyone is perfect but dont just give us "please use contact us" if you know you can do something.. i wont spend another $$ on this game.. and like i said if aeria didnt give back my character in 2 days time i wont pay my bills to you guys..


EOS Founder
06 Nov 2007
PostedMay 01, 2013 11:26 am
Please quit spamming new topics. They are looking into it and that will take time. You can't expect an immediate fix.


Just plain Beaver now...and it kinda sucks. The forum and game communities have degraded here to an extent that I should just stop reading and posting.
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