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Elite Founder: Scarlet Blade
26 Feb 2011
San Antonio United States
PostedApr 28, 2013 1:07 pm

Mother's Children Get Togethers

A monthly event of all Royal Guards and guilds
Hi Hi!

You all know me from <Fantasy> however I also am one of the co-founders of the Royal Guard Guild Alliance Mother's Children. We wanted to get together with other guilds and have a monthly get-together.

So each month, on the first Sunday, we want to get people together. This event will take place in a accessible place so everyone can see and hear us. This is a social event, and anything that comes out of it is up to the players to join us.

And also, if your guild is wanting to join Mother's Children, click on the link at the top!

Our first get-together will begin on June 9th. This will give everyone enough time to prepare for the event. So, come have fun with us!
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