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CGO Demolition Tournament #12 - May 25th & June 1st - 2013

Now With UAC! Check Post #3!
All of the information you need to register, participate and have fun in this tournament is located within this topic. If you need assistance in any way do not hesitate to contact CGO Staff for help. Our contact info is located at the end of this topic.

CGO's Twelfth May Tournament

Hello AVA,

Two tournaments down, and another within 30 days. Previously such consistency was unheard of in any league other than CGO. In this past year we've seen several organizations step up to the plate, and take a big bite into the competitive space of AVA. The most notable organizations have all shown that this consistency is possible within AVA, replicating much of the success (and more), of the earlier CGO events in 2011. We are proud to be conducting events with such consistency, alongside other top organizations, who share the same determination to provide not just consistent events, but quality events. Enjoy this tournament, and all future AVA events!

- Ink

Date Outline:
April 29th: Registration Opens
May 23rd: Registration Closes (5:00PM EDT)
May 24th: Brackets Released
May 25th: Tournament Day 1 @ 2:00 PM EDT – 8:00 PM EDT*
June 1st: Tournament Day 2 @ 2:00 PM EDT – 9:00 PM EDT*

*We may be required to go past the 8:00 PM/9:00 PM EDT mark in order to ensure the tournament finishes. If not, we reserve the ability to postpone the Finals for the following weekend (June 1st). We may also stop tourney play at any time, earlier or later than posted, depending on situational issues at the time. Make sure these time settings do not conflict with your players.


Aeria delivered, and CGO took the opportunity. Glean at these amazing prizes, thanks to the support of Aeria Games!

1st: 2500 AP Each
2nd: 1500 AP Each
3rd: 1000 AP Each
4th: 800 AP Each
5th: 500 AP Each
6th: 250 AP Each
7th: 250 AP Each
8th: 250 AP Each

What do you need to do to participate (team leaders)? - Summary:

1. Register your team. Follow the 'Registration' part of this topic for more details.
2. Fill out the application correctly and accurately.
3. Add InkofDeath to xFire before May 25th.
4. Read all of the rules and tournament rulesets located in this topic.
5. Comprehend all rules and tournament rulesets located in this topic.
6. If you have questions, contact CGO.
7. Look at the bracket released on May 24th. Add the team leader's xFire/contact information for the teams you may possibly end up playing.
8. Find out who you are playing in Round 1.

9. Start UAC before running AVA.
10. Be in-game, in NA PvP Channel 2, 10 minutes before the tournament starts.
11. Locate the team leader of the team you're suppose to be playing by 2:00 PM EDT.
12. After every half, take a screenshot (as proof of win). Upload your screenshots and send them to CGO along with your match report. Screenshots are used to validate your report, and to ensure legitimacy in tiebreakers.
12.a. Upload your UAC logs after every match.
13. Contact InkofDeath on xFire to report your matches, in the proper format. Details located in the 'Match Reporting' section.
14. Listen to the tournament organizers throughout the entire tournament's progression.


In order to participate you must register with accurate information, in the correct format. Failure to do so will void your registration and it will be ignored. Below is the correct steps and format to register successfully for the tournament.

Registration Form:
You must fill this form out correctly in order for it to be accepted:
Team Name:
Team Leader:
xFire Contact 1:
xFire Contact 2:
Complete Roster:

* Teams may only have up to 8 players on their roster. The extra 3 are for subs only. Name changes and roster changes may be changed up until April 12th. After this date, rosters are locked and any ringers or players playing that are not on your roster will result in your team being disqualified. You must use exact in-game names.

Registration Process:

These are the steps you must take in order to register successfully for this CGO tournament.

1. Read all of the rules and other information in this topic.
2. Make a post to this topic with any questions or concerns you have with the rules.
3. Once you have understood the rules completely you can begin the registration process.
4. Compose a new email to:
5. Fill out the registration form accurately and completely in this email and send it to us.
6. If your form was accurately filled in, expect to see your team on the brackets on the 12th. If not, we may contact you to inquiry about any abnormalities.
7. Re-read all of the information in this topic.

* Teams that registered last tournament but did not receive a spot will do so this tournament. Such teams should specify that they have a guaranteed spot in this tournament when they send a registration email to us. Failure to specify this may result in not being able to participate in this tournament.

Tournament Ruleset

The following is a complete written list of the rules, settings, conditions, & restrictions to be followed throughout the entire tournament's progression. Failure to meet these strict rules will result in a number of penalties or a complete removal from the tournament. Please read everything in this section and make sure you understand it. It is the team's responsibility to understand BEFOREHAND. We refuse to cater or hold the hands of team's, which would result in match delays and headaches for everyone involved.

Room Settings:

Third Person Spectate: Off.
Auto-Team Balance: Off.
Friendly Fire: On.
Ghost Chat: On.
Spectators: Off.*
Mode: Demolition.
Players: 5vs5

*Spectator mode may be used if your match is being casted or recorded by CGO staff or affiliates. You are to allow these people to be in the room. You have no say in this matter. Please make sure InkofDeath directly confirms to the team leader's that those in the room recording are suppose to be in there. A list of 'accepted' accounts will be posted at the bottom of this post. If you are concerned of an individual who isn't suppose to be in your room, or the other team is acting suspiciously, please contact CGO through xFire.

Match Format:
Format: 11 Rounds/6 wins
Halves: 2 Per Map
Maps: 1
Map Win Condition: The team with the highest rounds won from the two halves of the map wins the map. There are no match ties, only tiebreakers. Read below for information on tiebreakers.
Match Win Condition: First team to 1 map win.


Tiebreakers will be handled according to:

1. If a map results in a tie, the map is to be replayed with these settings:
- 2 Halves
- 7 Rounds/4 Wins
- All other settings as a regular match
2. If another tie is induced, repeat step 1 with 5Rounds/3Wins & onwards.
3. There are no map ties. All maps must be won by a team in order to gain a map point.
4. The team who wins the most rounds out of the tiebreaker series, wins the map. The rounds won from the normal two halves do not count towards the tiebreaker series or vise-versa. The tiebreaker game's scores/rounds are separated and independent of the regular match scores/rounds.

Map Selection:

To decide the maps that teams are playing, follow these guidelines:

Map Exclusion Process:

1. Team A (Higher Seeded Team) chooses one of the 7 available maps to exclude.
2. Team B (Lower Seeded Team) chooses one of the remaining 6 maps to exclude.
3. Team A (Higher Seeded Team) chooses one of the 5 remaining maps to exclude.
4. Team B (Lower Seeded Team) chooses one of the 4 remaining maps to exclude.
5. Team A (Higher Seeded Team) chooses one of the 3 remaining maps to exclude.
6. Team B (Lower Seeded Team) chooses one of the 2 remaining maps to exclude.
7. The last remaining map is the map to be played for the specific match.
8. You must follow this order of steps in the map exclusion process for every round of the tournament. Do not mass exclude 2 maps. One map at a time.
9. The Winners Bracket Finals, Losers Bracket Semi-Finals, Losers Bracket Finals, and Grand Finals will be a 'Best of 3' series. They will only do Step's 1 and 2 in their match exclusion process.
10. Higher Seeded Team gets first ban choice, while the Lower Seeded Team gets side choice. Reverse for the second map. Consult admin for the third map.
Highest Seed is the team with the lower seed number. 1 is higher than 2. 20 is higher than 30.

CGO Tourney #12 Legal Maps

Dual Sight
Hammer Blow
Fox Hunting

Match Restrictions:

The following is a list of restrictions on the items, classes & other game play elements. All of these are to be followed, if not you will face removal from the tournament.

1. 1 scope max.
2. There are no other class restrictions.
3. Binoculars are banned.
4. 180 Ping Limit.

Item Restriction List
*The following items are the only permitted items you may use in the tournament.

Primary Weapons:

Bizon PP19
KBP PP2000
SG552 Commando
Benelli M1014
Kriss Super V
SR-2M Veresk
Galil Mar
Calico M950
AUG-A2 Commando
CZ Skorpion EVO3

Sako RK.95
M4A1 MK.3
AK47 MK.3
Diemaco C7A2
Remington R4
K2 Rail
Kel-tec RFB
OTs-14 Groza

Blaser R93

*Semi-auto scopes are banned from competitive CGO play.

Stechkin APS
Skorpion vz 61

All melee items are allowed.

M67 Grenade
MK3A2 Grenade
M116A1 Flash Grenade
GREEN Smoke Grenade
M18 Gray Smoke Grenade II

AH07 Helmet
EH08 Helmet
Anti-Charge Helmet
Large-Calibre Helmet

EA08 Kevlar
AA07 Kevlar
Large-Calibre Kevlar
Anti-Charge Kevlar
Standard Kevlar
Supply Vest

Camouflage A1

MG12 Gloves
EG08 Gloves

EB08 Combat Boots
CB105 Boots

EP08 Protector



Supply Kit:
Ghostgear Supply Kit

CU686 Goggles
DU50724 Goggles

Backpack A:
Extra Ammo +2
Extra Ammo +1
All Class Field Manuals

Backpack B:
Total Mobility +2%
Extra Ammo +1
All Class Field Manuals

Backpack C:
Pistol Ammo +1
Radar +20%
All Class Field Manuals

Backpack D:
Pistol Ammo +1
BQ5568C Battery
BA5567UD Battery

C4 Demolition Manual

*In general, all Gcoin/AP and/or capsule items are banned, unless otherwise specifically stated in the above list.

How to Report Someone Using an Illegal Item

1. If you spot a player using an illegal item you must follow these steps.
2. In the public chat, you must state that the item in question is illegal and that the player needs to leave the game before they kill another person (do not state this during a rush, planting/defusing, or a time where the specific individual will not be able to receive or act on the message clearly).
3. Screenshot this statement in the public chat.
4. If the player leaves within a round, and they have removed the violating items, they may join back in the game.
5. If the player does not leave, does not listen to you, or gets 1 or more kills/rounds after you have clearly informed them of their violation, screenshot the kills while holding tab. And also write something else in the public chat notifying them of their disqualification from the tournament.
6. Upload both (or all) screenshots to an image hosting service and send them to InkofDeath on xFire.
7. It is the team's responsibility to ensure they know the correct weapon restrictions
8. It is the team reporting the illegal item responsibility to declare an illegal item. Not the violating team.
9. Be patient and wait for our response.
10. If a team has 3 or more violations in a game, on an individual or split between multiple players, follow the above steps and the team will be disqualified.
11. CGO reserves the ability to act as an additional authority to also dispute any illegal item violations. This decision must be made by InkofDeath directly to the team. If not, continue to play the match as normal.

Conducting Your Match

These are the steps that you may take in order to find your opponent and conduct the match.

1. Go to to find the team you are playing.
2. Go to the rosters posted on May 24th and find the team you are playing. Add the team leader to xFire.
3. You must accept any friend requests on xFire from the opposing teams or any team leaders/members who are participating in this tourney. You risk disqualification if you don't.
4. On May 25th and June 1st go to North America, PvP Channel 2.
5. Create a room with proper CGO settings.
6. Make the password.
7. Inform your opponent's team leader or members of the password. Do this through either xFire or add them in-game in Channel 2.
8. Ensure you and your team are on UAC.
9. Once your match has been completed, follow the steps listed below in 'Match Reporting'.
10. Any disputes that occur during the match, contact InkofDeath on xFire.

*Some matches may be allowed to be played on the European server. Both teams must be aware that they are playing on the EU server and both teams must have at least 4 players who receive less than 99 ping on the EU server. Trying to play on the EU server without another team's consent or awareness will result in a disqualification.

Match Reporting

Follow the below steps to report your matches. Every team must report their match, whether they lose or win. If you do not report your match within 10 minutes of completion your team risks being disqualified. It is required to include a screenshot of every half. Not having a screenshot of a half will put your team in jeopardy and risks your disqualification.

After you win a match:
1. Upload your screenshots to a third party site (Imgur, Imageshack, Photobucket, Tinyimage...etc).
2. Fill out the below form with the requested information and the screenshots you uploaded.
3. Send this form to InkofDeath on xFire.
4. Look at the brackets and when the bracket is updated, find the team leader's xFire of the team you are to play next.
5. Inform InkofDeath through xFire you are beginning your next match.
6. Repeat the above.
7. Upload all UAC logs.

After you lose a match:
1. Upload your screenshots to a third party site (Imgur, Imageshack, Photobucket, Tinyimage...etc).
2. Fill out the below form with the requested information and the screenshots you uploaded.
3. Send this form to InkofDeath on xFire.
4. Wait for or InkofDeath to inform you if you are out of the tournament or if you have another match to play in the LOSERS BRACKET. This is a double elimination tourney, you need to lose twice to be out of the tournament.
5. Repeat the above.

Match Reporting Form:

Team Name:
Opponents Name:
Map 1: <Map Name>
Half 1: <score>
<image link>
Half 2: <score>
<image link>

Final Score:

Subs, Subbing & Player Conflicts

The following is a list of guidelines to follow in any event that relates to subs or subbing players in:

1. You may sub in a player from your registered roster of players at any time during the match.
1.a.If a team brings in a sub not verified by tournament officials or their registered roster, inform them. If they do not remove the player, they will be disqualified. Take screenshots of everything or else we may dismiss the issue.
2. You need at least 3 players present in order to start a match. You may play with 3 players until the Semi-Finals of either the LOSERS BRACKET or WINNERS BRACKET. At this point, you need at least 4 players present.
3. If in the first round of a half a player disconnects or does not load in quickly enough as they usually would, the team may call a 'dead round' (typing 'Dead round' in global chat). From this point you will exit the game and restart the match on the same map and settings already determined.
3.a. You may only call a dead round twice per half.
3.b. You must call the dead round in the first 10 seconds of a round starting (you may need an SS as insurance).
3.c. If you call the dead round after 10 seconds, the other team has no obligation to leave the game. If you leave, it will count as a loss on the half you are playing. Either team must provide screenshots to verify their accounts and accusations of any occurrence.
4. You may only use the players and accounts listed in your registered roster located here <link will be provided – check back on April 12th>.
5. Teams have a grace period of 10 minutes after the designated match start time. After 10 minutes the opposing team may start the game or dispute the problematic team for disqualification.

AC & Video Recording

Please ensure you are able to use the designated recording software and minimum settings before playing in the tournament. Refer to the separate post regarding the specifics of video recording for more information.

The following is the procedure of how to conduct this if you have suspicions of any kind:

1. xFire a tournament admin and ask them to spectate the game.
1.a You may have to use a Dead Round to halt the game progress.
2. Help the admin join and spectate the room.
3. If the admin judges the situation to include video recording, the admin will designate both the

Again, please refer to the post below about the specifics of video recording and helpful tips.

Spectators & Broadcasting

Currently only InkofDeath is to be allowed in any room other than the team's proper roster players. We will update this category further if we increase the number of people we have to record, cast, or broadcast tournament matches. Check this thread on tourney day for confirmed players.

Every team is required to allow tournament officials to record, spectate and/or broadcast their matches. Non-negotiable. Failure to abide, resulting in delayed matches, will result in an immediate disqualification or loss.

Tournament is on TWO DAYS – May 25th & June 1st

The tournament takes place on May 25th and June 1st from 2:00 PM EST – 8:00/9:00 PM EST. Clear your calenders, work schedules and other activities for both Saturday & Sunday if your team has a good chance of progressing onto Day 2 of the tourney. We cannot provide proper times for everyone. These are the proven best times to work with on the weekends. Make sure you and all of your players are able to completely play out this tournament.

Match Times

1. Round 1 matches must start by 2:10 PM EDT.
1a: Teams have till 2:15, if they have at least 3 players online and in the room at 2:10, to get the rest of their players.
1b. Teams who haven't started by 2:15 who have enough players to start the game may be disqualified.
1c. Teams not finished by 2:45 will be disqualified.
4. These '45 minute' periods of times will be enforced for each Round of the tournament for every round that is announced to have a designated start and end time. Contact CGO Officials if you do not know the end/start times.

Tournament Organizers & Staff Information

The following is a list of all tournament organizers & staff and their according contact information. The information listed below is official and is to be used for any disputes, questions, concerns or other reasons to contact any of the tournament staff. This is a reference for you to use!

Tournament Heads:

Steam: InkofPain
xFire: InkofDeath

Livestream Operator:


Send them your shoutouts during livestreams!

Be sure to keep up to date with updates in the main AVA forum or in the AVA Tournaments forum. We will post any updates or bracket information in these forums. We will also be looking to contact you by xFire in the coming weeks!

Justin “InkofDeath” Quinn
Competitive Gaming Organization

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Video Recording - Important Information

Recording Requirements:

- 600x600 Recording Resolution (must be scaled, can not be just one area)
- 350Kb/s Bitrate
- Crosshair must remain visible

Recommend Programs:

AVA In-Game Recording

*All of these programs are capable of recording your screen, scaling it down to 600x600 or any other resolution, and providing you the ability to adjust the bitrate, while also compressing the recording into a small video format that can be uploaded within 20 minutes. Figure the settings out with your teammates or contact InkofDeath on xFire.

*Bandicam is the best program to use for slow CPUs. Dxtory is great all around.

Recommend Upload Sites:


Any questions, concerns, or issues, please contact InkofDeath on xFire.



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Universal Anti-Cheat Rules & Guidelines

UAC Registration Page:
- You register via the UAC program.

UAC Download:

Quick Help Guide:
1. Download and install UAC.
2. Register via the prompted forms in the program.
3. Enter Match ID (read below for Match ID information).
4. Select AVA from the game list.
5. Click 'Start Scanning'.
6. Launch AVA.
7. Clicking Refresh in the popout menu will refresh the user list in the Match ID.
8. Play game.

Match ID Information:
1. The Match ID will be different for each match in the bracket.
2. There are two parts to the Match ID: (tourneynumber)(matchletter).
2a: Example: CGO12A, CGO12B, CGO12AH, CGO12AA.
2b: The (matchletter) is the letter beside your match details on the bracket:

2c: MetalStorm vs TeamHCO Match ID would have been: CGO11E
2d: nRage vs Curse Match ID would have been: CGO11F
3. Use CGO12, not CGO 11.
4. It is each team's responsibilities to check the user list and ensure all users are online and scanning.
5. CGO will disqualify anyone found not using the UAC.

Any other questions, concerns, or issues, please contact InkofDeath on xFire.



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PostedApr 28, 2013 4:33 am
CGO #12 - Major Important Changes:

- Universal Anti-Cheat is now Required to Participate, Read Post #3
- XM8 is now banned
- Added CGO #12 to the 'Major Important Changes' Post
- Prizes Are Announced & Official - Thanks Aeria!



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PostedMay 25, 2013 9:57 am
Rules & Info Thread:

Roster Info:

Bracket Link:

You can watch the tournament live on May 25th at:

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