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26 Jun 2008
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PostedApr 25, 2013 6:00 am
Nice insight Raph !

I was going to say yes, there is now a limit on trade tickets.
The problem at the moment is that the extra ones pollute the gift box, blocking some player from taking cards they have past the first ten slots of the gift box.

This is a temporary issue and Mochi told me they are working on it actively.
Just hold on guys !



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30 Sep 2008
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10 Jun 2008
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PostedApr 26, 2013 11:55 pm
HikuraRyuu wrote:
Vulgur? Please look up the definition in the dictionary before you accuse people of speaking their mind.

Do not lash out at people when you can't think of an appropriate answer to something you know is quite true.  

Let's take a look at your last post:
That's stupid, Aeria really must hate it's players.
Never fixing bugs, Only fixing stupid stuff that makes things worse for the player.

Take your stupid trade tickets and get rid of them altogether if you're gonna impose some stupid limit.

Not like anyone actually cares about the things.  

For a forum with 13 years rating, you are being a little bit abusive on the words. I remember one of you posts with tons of **** because you were raging without end.

Anyways, you really don't know how the game works. And I just had my confirmation with this:
HikuraRyuu wrote:

So far your team has only applied softpatches to your servers and so on, Rather than updating the app it all runs on.

There's nothing to update on the app, the game runs in a server fyi. The app is just a window to the server (that's why you MUST be 100% of time with internet on). So any fixes that the game needs are made on the server. App changes are only for other things like sounds, ignite etc.

There are still thousands of players who crash,  

I do crash too. But I've noticed that it's only when I switch to another app when on GvG battle screen. And normally that happens if I have other apps running on background.

The game is a bit intensive for the devices. My iPhone 4 with 512MB RAM (which actually has only around 290-320mb free for the apps), with Immortalis it goes down to 150MB or less.
Therefore with my tests and seeing how people leave tons of apps opened at same time in background, people WILL crash with lack of available ram.

Specially those with iPhone3GS (256ram only, around 150-180mb free for apps). But 4 and 4S also crash.
iPhone 5 might crash sometimes but mostly likely not, because of it's 1gb ram.

If you noted, pirate maiden and monster paradise barely crashes. They are not as intense as Immortalis. But hey, it is the most animated and well made of the 3 so it's understandable.

Well, I gave up trying to chat. All your other posts I saw are always raging about something. It's not likely you are open to discussion or new ideas for this time. Smile
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