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27 Jan 2012
PostedApr 25, 2013 2:11 pm

Dark Souls

Okay, so I've never really given Dark Souls a proper chance before. But now that I have, it's **** FANTASTIC. Everything in this game is done well, from gameplay, to graphics, to the mysterious story..

The thing I like most though, is the exploration. It's just done so well. It's the 3D Zelda and Castlevania that has never been. It's done the metroidvania style of exploration better than any other game that I've ever seen, and there are so many hidden passageways and corridors it's just ridiculous.

Another great thing that I really like is the high risk, high reward and the trial-and-error system, it's true that the game is unforgiving and punishes you for every mistake you do, but it'll be easier if you study the enemies' movement and know the patterns to strike whenever the chance arises.

The game just throws you in it's world without telling you where to go or what to do - there haven't been a lot of games like that in this generation (or the generation before :p), meaning you can go to a much higher level area and get your *** beaten to death by a single hit.

Anyone else loves this game besides me ?


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24 Nov 2006
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PostedApr 25, 2013 2:33 pm
I've played quite a lot of Dark Souls. My original character was quite well leveled (due to a glitch a friend used for it) and I got up until the Four Kings before I had to quit (Four Kings being the last of my bosses needed to summon the final boss). My data was then lost. (Xbox version-No online) If memory serves, I was a warrior with two handed weapons as my expertise. I did have a shield, but my main focus was using weapons with two hands.

I started again with a different character much later and got up until Quelaag before I was required to return the game. This wasn't very far--just after the first bell and past Gaping Dragon. Once again on the Xbox, but with online. Warrior with smaller sword and large shield.

I've already purchased the game for my computer, but at the time, my computer couldn't handle it, so I bought another computer which I have yet to try it on.

The boss I had the most trouble with in my first play-through was the Iron Golem at Sen's Fortress. That guy pushed me off the map so many times. He wasn't even hard, he just managed to knock me back.

Needless to say, Dark Souls is a very good game. I've spent a lot of time in it (and a lot of that time dying, as well) and is well worth the purchase now that it is also cheap. I've also wanted to check out Demon Souls, but have never got around to it.

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