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11 Mar 2013
United States
PostedApr 24, 2013 6:25 am

getting the third party error plz help if at all possible

I just purchased 5000 ap and i cannot get the game to work. it used to work fine then it started

acting up i would go to log in and after i did it wouldn't do anything! i got around this a couple of

times then the newest update came out it worked once then wouldn't work again. i surfed

around the forums and found a new copy of xgin file or w/e so now the game comes up but

every 5 to 10 min. i get a xgin 3rd party error and the game crashes. also another weird thing

when i go to log in now. even if i get all of my info right the first time it makes me put in a

confirmation code. i don't have to change anything but put that code in. if any1 know what could

help me im all ears pla help!


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23 Jul 2012
PostedApr 24, 2013 7:42 am
I believe most people need to write the confirmation code.

The 3rd Party Error has been very common lately. I think we we will have to wait for a fix to it.

You can try to start the game through gamebooster. If that does not work, please post a screenshot here of all your running processes.

Posted By Aeria Mobile
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