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16 Apr 2013
PostedApr 23, 2013 7:08 am

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Kicked for hacking? (Some sort of wannabee gameguard)
Yeaaaaa, so get your stuff togeather, please.

Aeria Games, pro tip of the day: Fix the issues with Alliance of Valiant Arms before you release a new major update that will be game chaning in ANY way. This is some points I want to bring up regarding the issues:

  • People getting kicked for "hacking" without actually doing it in any given way.
  • Aeria's AVA servers being down at least once a day in the last few days.
  • Game hackers getting through your security walls.
  • Major bugs not being taken care of until it has gone tooooo far.
  • Get some tech specialists active on your forum, the GS's are doing most of the work regarding this when they should not. (No offence all gamesages out there but you are not tech pros).

Regarding the "People getting kicked for 'hacking' aka having a thrid party program running."
When you get kicked a little screen pops up saying that you have a third party program up and running and that you should turn it off.

Also, when you press on "More Information" it sends you to this link.$page?> A lot of information, right?

Proof that I'm not 'hacking'. (Including all the programs I have running). (VIDEO PROOF)

My PC info:

Windows 8 64bit.
AMD A10 5700 quad core processor
AMD Radeon HD 7470.
12 GB Ram.
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