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27 Mar 2011
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PostedApr 19, 2013 8:00 pm
iCtrl_USF wrote:
I Agree mike we both lost friends for the smallest of reasons , but no point telling this community , 90% of them don't care about others only themselves nor do they have the intelligence to understand what you said in this thread.  

That's pretty much how people in general are, not just in SF. :/



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31 Dec 2012
PostedApr 21, 2013 7:40 am
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02 Jul 2012
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PostedApr 24, 2013 1:37 pm
Topic. wrote:
The last time I checked.. the TOS hasn't changed since Aeria had acquired SF :\
I mean all you have to do is play the game normally...

In my opinion..
The Playtime Events are what cause a ton of commotion like this in SF simply because either people are out to get each other for AFKn or those people being caught are getting pissed off. Either way there's too much unneeded tension brewing up in this community because of that. Things would be alot easier if people were more informed ingame or if people stopped taking the easy way out of everything. I would prefer Challenge Events that give an incentive for players to try to actually play the game for what it has to offer.

Don't get me wrong.. I can see the frustration players are having because of this but when it comes down to obtaining free items from events here on Aeria everyone should never assume that it will come easy. There will always be a catch to it. I really wish that more players would check out the forums more often not just to keep themselves informed but to actually try to interact with other players of SF.

Going to put this out there to make it clear to everyone
In this game ..
Exploiting = cheating on an event/ Boosting or Swapping ( Basically taking advantage of an unlegit method)

Before any of you even considered to participate in the PT EVENT .. you guys did read the part what will happen when you go AFK but some people do anyway..

Now as far calling the GMs lazy.. I wouldn't be so sure about that.The fact the GMs are strict means that they're enforcing their policy for running the game. The fact they have been monitoring the game more frequently now kinda disproves that statement. They monitor certain players/lobby activity/certain games. Some people said that the GMs don't care about SF.. well I mean if they lurked around the game for hackers and cheaters I'm pretty sure they want to keep this game as legit as possible.

Reports of players going AFK or swapping are addressed by the GMs while they examine the issue ingame themselves. Anyone can make a false report but the reason behind alot of the infractions players have been randomly getting is because they actually look into the player logs for the type of information such as # of kills per game of # of hours per game.
Everything always comes into consideration before any decision is made.

To break down and make it simple..

There wouldn't be trouble in this game if players just didn't troll and played legit.
I've seen the really nice parts of this community and some of the really messed up sections as well. Some people are low and will do anything to slander another player's reputation while others will give a reason for new and old players to enjoy the Soldier Front for what it really is.

First of all, your guy's kill events or round events are even worst than these play time. in play time at the very least u get stuff a lot easier than those kill events which u cant even predict because u guys dont got an event tracker. Your guy's excuse is that it takes tooooooo long to make the software. if u guys dont do events like ijji did, then its best u guys not to do it anymore. instead focus on making this game better by getting a graphic update like in ksf or add the clan system.
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