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Elite Founder: Scarlet Blade
24 Jan 2013
Rio Rancho, NM United States
PostedApr 18, 2013 12:53 pm

Looking to Join an Active Guild {Free Knights}

Hello! Info:

Character Name: Perfume
Character Class: Whipper
Character Level: Currently 27
Activity: Everyday, mostly between 7PM- 12 AM Pacific Time (USA)
Language: Only speak English

About me:

Elite founder.
Currently I am in a guild I won't mention that is not very active. In fact it's downright dead.
I play for for a few hours in the evening everyday taking occasional breaks for dinner and what not. I have leveled all the way to 27 by myself. Without any aid. I am intending to get all 6 classes to 29 and hope they would all be used in a guild when any of them are needed.

I focus mainly on runs like Drasil and BitterCore and am now an expert running the Drasil over and over (LOL) I also am going to heavily be investing my time in PVP and BG. I will also be very open to hunting (Grinding) quest and dailys with other players.

I am a pretty chatty person.

Please message me here or in a PM if I might be someone you are interested in. If you have questions, feel free to ask.
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