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26 Jan 2013
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M4A1 on UZI

My views,(Guide)

M4A1 is one of the most popular and best rifles ever made, whether you see all the aspects it’s almost perfect and is just awesome. According to me after UZI the second best rifle or gun is M4A1, and is equally popular like UZI. All my guides are on those guns or rifles which I have used analyzed carefully. So I have chosen M4A1 because it is the most common rifle in the whole game almost every beginner has M4A1. This is a rifle which is powerful but not as powerful as FN-FAL or AK 47, 74 due to which damage done is also high which is way higher than the damage done by UZI. You can kill the enemy within 4-5 bullets if shot properly on target where as UZI will take more shots in taking the target down. I just love M4A1 mainly for its features and the body design which is kind of similar to that of UZI.

The other feature I would like to discuss is its awesome accuracy; according to me M4A1 is the most accurate rifle amongst other rifles or guns. It can be utilized for shooting long distances and 90% chances are there that you will not miss the target. It is best for both close combat as well as far off shooting whereas UZI is only good for close combat and not for far off distance.

Now let’s head to the recoil. This primary rifle has almost no recoil which is the best part about it. Due to less recoil you can jump and shoot or continuously shoot without your rifle going up. Also because of its less recoil, if you one on one against a AK or FN-FAL you can easily kill them because they have immense recoil which effects the body and it keeps going upwards which is the same case with UZI but UZI has slightly less recoil than M4A1.

The next feature contains all the rest of the features of this great rifle.


Next is the ammunition of this rifle. Like normal rifles this too has 30 bullets in 1 round and has a total of 4 rounds. Even if all 120 bullets finishes then you can pick up extra ammo from your team mate’s or the enemy’s grave, while UZI has 32 bullets in a single round and a total of 4 rounds.


This rifle is quiet light due to which it is easier to carry and run with and during sudden spray attack or sniper attack it can be easily taken out and shot, but if sprays are on you then find an appropriate place so that you take out your rifle and start shooting. Do try to avoid the bullets of the enemy before taking out and shooting because you’ll have more life and can survive more, but since UZI is much lighter than M4A1 so you can rush with it.

Rate of fire

This primary rifle has an amazing rate of fire equal to that of UZI which is very fast. Just imagine a rifle with high rate of fire, accurate and light with almost no recoil is just like a sub-machine gun but more powerful. Due to its amazing rate of fire it can kill multiple targets easily.


M4A1 comes for 22,500 sp which is quiet cheap and anyone could buy it irrespective of their rank at the very starting of the game. So this is quiet cheaper than UZI which comes for 53,000 sp.

I would rate M4A1 a 9.5 out of 10 overall, this was all in M4A1 section now let’s head towards the UZI section where we get to know more about UZI’s features.


UZI, according to me is the best sub-machine gun (SMG) ever made. You can even say that UZI is ultimate of M4A1 or sub-machine guns according to me. I personally have gold UZI which is quiet amazing to play with. If you have such kind of weapon, then you can outshine every one with this. Whichever rifle or even a sniper comes in your way, you can beat them all with the help of UZI.

Power and the damage done by UZI

Usually the power of a sub-machine has to be average, so the power of UZI too is average, whereas M4A1 is the more powerful rifle than UZI. If the power is less the damage created by it too would be less. This is the only problem with it. It creates 65-66% damage to the enemy whereas M4A1 creates damage nearly to 90-92% to the enemy.

Rate of fire

Though the disadvantage of less power is there with UZI but the awesome rate of fire makes up for it which is amazing, which equal to that of M4A1. With its faster rate of fire you can easily do a double kill or even a multi kill easily with it.

Accuracy of UZI

The accuracy of UZI is average at long range, but UZI is a spray which is the best weapon for the rushers and is very good at close combat. It has an accuracy of approximately 86-87%, which is quiet good for a SMG, while M4A1 on the other is slightly more accurate than it even at long range.

Recoil of UZI

This sub-machine gun has almost negligible recoil due to which the even if you jump and shoot, it wouldn’t miss the target. This is one of the best features of this sub-machine gun which is quiet helpful in taking out the rifles with high recoil. M4A1 has slightly more recoil than which is considerably less.

Weight of UZI

UZI is a very light sub-machine gun, almost the weight of a beretta due to which it is easy to carry and can take it out quiet easily and shoot without wasting any time, while M4A1 is a bit heavier than UZI. UZI is a high-performance machine gun which is originally developed in Israel. This sub-machine gun is available in sp, gcoin and it has many weapon bombs. You can buy it for 53,000 sp. You have to be 2nd lieutenant to be able to buy this sub-machine gun whereas M4A1 comes for 22,500sp and that to with no rank restriction. One more key feature of UZI which I would like to highlight is that the repair of this gun doesn’t goes off too fast even after several uses. This means that this sub machine gun is very consistent and you can play with it even if it is broken which is the same for M4A1.


So we have reached to the end of the guide and I would rate UZI 9.25 out of 10 so it’s clear that UZI has lost by just 0.25 points. Hope you’d like my guide, if any problem with my content contact either at my profile or on the link given below where you could find more such valuable information for free, till then Regards;

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