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05 Oct 2010
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PostedApr 17, 2013 11:03 pm

Re: Blatant Harassment.

Ends here.
minuzaki wrote:
iBambi wrote:
LadyBorderlinex wrote:
It belongs in a ticket with details. Not rants and raves, not this thread.  

Well.. judging by the context, they want the person or people to see it.  
Yes, I want people to see it. I've sent over five tickets pertaining to comments such as this and clearly, it is not enough. So believe me when I say, it ends here.  

I do kinda understand your actions, but honestly, the comments gets removed and I wouldn't take it to heart, but that's just me. It's better not to take it to public imo, it comes off as threatening (which can be put under harassment) and I think I'm not that far off when I say it tempts people to troll even further.

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