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04 Apr 2011
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PostedApr 15, 2013 12:37 pm

How to Open Seed Packets/Pouches with Hack Speed

Without actually hacking!
Have you ever amassed a large amount of seed pouches/packets and wondered, "How the heck am I going to open then without killing my fingers?" Well here, I have a quick solution for all of this. For people like me who hoard tons (in my case, 50-60 stacks) of seed bags before proceeding to open them, here is a neat trick!

1. Clear up space in backpack or have an alt with only seed packets/pouches in the backpack/bank I suggest putting only one stack of packet/pouches in your bag just because it saves a few slots you can use for the seeds you're going to get and because of step 6.

2. Open the Sprite Helper window (K > page 2 of first tab) and tick off everything except the HP part. Put in HP < 100%, use Seed Packet or Seed Pouch in the place of where the pots would normally be.

3. Duel someone and be killed OR take off armor, and put it all back on. In my case, I do it all on an alt so it has no armor - duel it is for me.

4. While HP is down, make sure your bag is CLOSED. This will NOT work while bag is open.

5. If done correctly, it will open the bags and fill up your backpack in about 5-15 seconds (yes, even for maxed out backpacks it won't take long).

6. OPTIONAL! Open up backpack and bank and send seed packets/pouches to bank first. This is optional but suggested if you're opening a large amount of seeds, just because if you keep opening bags while sending them to the bank, it gets laggy after a while. If not, proceed to step 7.

7. Move the seeds and other junk you got from the pouches/packets into your bank.

8. Repeat until finished.

~~ This method should make opening seeds super easy and fast. Can open up to 1250 seed packets/pouches (5 stacks) in 35 minutes = 7 minutes a stack. Fast, no?

Of course, this might not be the only method so feel free to share your method if you know an easier way than this! Very Happy
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