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31 Aug 2012
Chechnya. Russia
PostedOct 28, 2012 6:07 am

Anyone else who misses Kwon Ho?

A few years ago, on ijji, there was a game called Kwon Ho. You can find videos about it on YT, and honestly, I LOVED that game. Unfortunately, due to some lag issues and players complaining about it, ijji removed the game.

Is there anyone else who would love it to see a game like that(or kwon ho itself) on aeria?

For all the ones who never knew it, heres a quick summary:

You could choose what fighting styles you use, you could customize your character all you want, you could purchase skills, and leveling was also there. There were different modes aswell.
Lovely game.

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10 Apr 2011
Sydney Australia
PostedOct 28, 2012 7:22 am
I would really have liked to see it succeed, but I think that gaming style has gone to console/portable platform and isn't coming back.

The styles were really nice IMO, so many different types for a fighting game.


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15 Dec 2008
East Elmhurst United States
PostedNov 14, 2012 3:11 am
Kwon Ho was taken down over legal issues.

It was original a game that was hosted by Hangame.
Then it got popular is japan as Hakenden.

Ijji got the rights to North America Only.

In Hangame there was alot of pay items for both moves and avatar.
Kind of like GunBound or MapleStory.

However everything on Ijji' version of KH was free.
On top of that they also had a World Server.
So people in korea and japan obviously will play the free version even though the games were slightly different. Vastly different if you're a pro but overall same game.

This caused a huge legal dispute. Ijji Lost and was forced to shut it down.

Regardless of the legal issues you guys should know some truth about this game's nature.
Understand this game wouldn't have lasted anyways, Neither Hakenden nor Hangame's Versions of KH is alive anymore. China tried to bring it back with another version called JingWu which uses different character models but similar move sets.
The community was absolute chaos. Good players would crush new players to the point where people who tried it will uninstall. For those of you who enjoyed this game. You won't understand what that feels like.

Its like trying something for the first time and having such a horrible experience you will never go back to it again.

So How come fighter games work over Xbox and other consoles and other PC?
I feel it has to be the trash talk. The words hurt a lot. We all need to understand that the general population of any gaming community truly does not accept trash talk. The small percentage of us real competitor type players welcome this. While the greater majority of players are just casual gamers. There isn't much chatting going on in console gaming and most people don't have mics. So people play their game and move on. While in KH you can talk down to your opponent in game and you know he sees it, you can whisper more disparaging comments, and you can switch to alt characters, hunt him down and troll him some more.

Think about Kwon Ho for a second.
It had skill levels. beginner, novice, expert, master, hero, warlord.
It had Win % ratings.
Whenever a game has this in a PVP environment tempers will always flare.
Only competitive gamers accept this as part of "internet gaming"
While the rest of the world frowns on both sore losers and sore winners.
Also, lesser players would intentionally avoid players of higher rankings. While on console games the server would just randomly pair you with someone close to your stats.
It was a fighting game, so already you're kind of in a mood to fight. If anyone says anything outside of kind words such as GG HF. You will get into an argument and every community has its trolls so it will always happen.

I personally admit I'm to blame for a lot of hurting the KH community.
I trolled HARD. I mean REALLY hard.
You guys know I'm the Best TC in the game hands down. I've purposely fought every warlord from every server to make it so. I also founded the strongest group called Globo GYM.
I purposely gathered all the elite players where we trained each other and keep everything we learned a secret so that other people have a hard time getting better.

We would purposely make level 1 noob account and go around crushing people, taking thier ladder points and then purposely lose those points back to our main accounts so no one could ever make it to the top.
When we won, we would trash talk them a lot and then boot them from the room and put them on ignore.
If you were smart enough to come into our created room and see that our low levels doesn't make any sense with our high win rates and leave.
We would get on other accounts and hunt you down. Say you're a hero 2 or something and you purposely avoid warlords. Well guess what? we're all warlords on beginner accounts, and I will write down your name, locate your room, and hunt you down.

I did this because, The community was small and dying and no one would fight me.
We could have fought each other but we've done that a thousand times. You want to fight fresh meat. You want to welcome new players to the server by pounding his face in.
You hate cowards who run in a video game. If anyone of you have ever lost to some random low level noob on the east server, it was probably me or one of my guys.

Now let me explain why the game never got popular.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO IN DEPTH MANUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
true, there was a move list, but so what?
true, there was a tutorial, but so what?
true, there was a practice room with an NPC, still SO WHAT?

You STILL didn't understand this game.
only the good players from other games like virtua fighter, tekken, etc. understood frame data. Wait, WTF is frame data?
Other games don't have this, only fighting games do.

Its like a heavy punch takes 24 frames to execute.
But a light jab takes only 16 frames to execute.
So when two players enter a command at the same time. Someone will get hit first.
while the player who got hit is like "?????" but I attacked too. wth!

Frame data is far more complicated than that. Some move like a jab
on hit will add +5 recover frames to the opponent. so if the attackers next move is within 5 frames you cannot block the follow up. This explains why certain chains of moves combo while others don't. So obviously jab jab jab chains 3 hit combo.
While round house, round house will not.

Kwon Ho was not an advertised game.
So people who tried it and happened to be good were also gamers from other fighters.
Kwon Ho was the only fighting game on ijji so everyone else who tried it simply because they already go on this site are NOT fighter gamers. So you should expect over 90% of the players "don't get it"
So what do players like myself do? WE ABUSE ABUSE ABUSE ABUSE the fact that you don't understand fighting games. You think you can just come in and mash buttons and win.
Amateur players learn a few combos and think their not bad. The problem is that the amateur never bothered to learn the setups to allows combos to happen. Meaning he lacks the tools to put his combo damage to real use in a real competitive fight.
You can't just come in and start spamming launchers hoping to get lucky to land 1 combo. You will be punished by a pro 100% of the time. It works on noobs because the noob doesn't block anyways.

Some people love to win, some people play for fun, some don't mind losing, but no one truly enjoys losing. Its like poker, if you have an idiot whose constantly paying you off, why you want to make him a better player? I'm already training hard on the side with my warlord buddies who are far better than you. I crush you for big laughs and to take out all my frustrations on some random poor sap by trolling him all day because someone trolled me.

Anyways, in Summary, I hope whomever reads this now understands why KH is gone.
The game had serious legal issues but its not like the community or promotion was any better.
You need to realize that as popular and world renowned and street fighter is. Most people are playing World of Warcraft.

Side Note: if you guys are wondering who the greatest players of Ijji KH were and The Globo members, heres the list: alot of then you can youtube

West Server: Dracomancer, Snow, TDO, Champeon, Baka, Timid Tomatoe, Ki_fist
World Server: Juli, Wannabe, Aeris
East Server: Armour, Johoseph, gl0ry, Velvet Rose, Caliagent, , Aoi_Hokuto, Please_Duck (the father of frame data), Harumi (best female player), Jerkies, Sea (best Baji Player), Hemiro, WolfHeart, Hrathnir (the JF guy), Wallstreet, Afarhiok. There are other people who were descent but I wouldn't induct into any hall of fame and the rest were noobs. I know that i mentioned mostly east players however we did all meet in world server to fight often. East coast players are the more dominant warlords.

Globo members were:
Soran (the best KH player hands down in all classes, most known for TKD)
JD Corain (best judo)
Inazuma (best Muy Thai Player)
Sung Hoon
and ofcourse myself Pegasus1337 (top TC)


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16 Oct 2010
PostedNov 19, 2012 2:29 pm
first video from Kwon Ho yesterday recorded

Tae Kwon Do style


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27 Jul 2012
PostedApr 14, 2013 9:18 am
ofCOURSE i do miss it too !


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07 Jan 2008
Ft. Myers United States
PostedApr 05, 2014 9:23 pm
This might be a resurrection, but truly I miss KwonHo.

There isn't any game like it online right now (as far as I know)

Sucks how it just suddenly disappeared like that.

I need to get my martial arts fix D:


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17 Apr 2014
PostedAug 24, 2014 6:52 am
Okay so as many of us old school kwon ho players know this game is more or less gone and not coming back. but on the bright side of things their is a game I reverted to that has many of the same gameplay mechanics but lacks personal customization and it is not free.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

This game I must say has a steep learning curve but once you get past that you will enjoy it like you enjoyed kwon ho. its currently available on steam for $29.99USD.

It features the latest in graphics and the whole bucket as far as street fighter characters. Those classic specials you remember like sonic boom hadukan and the wheel kick but with so much more.

Anyone that misses kwon ho and enjoyed every second of that game will enjoy USfIV.

I hope to be kicking your butt soon Wink


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09 Jan 2010
PostedOct 06, 2014 2:19 am

New Kwonho

Game on the making
Hi guys, Is there anyone still missing the game?
I am a game developer and I am thinking on creating a game similar to KwonHo

If you are willing to help in any way, please let me know!
(Help can also be just your opinion and participating in a beta or something!)

send me a message and we can talk more Smile
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