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23 Mar 2013
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PostedApr 11, 2013 11:35 pm

Re: Direct Buy Costume

Got what we asked for LOL...
Bulvark wrote:
@ a cost of 19999 great so we get:

Tainted Love Teddy (Tradable)
Megaphone x100
Cyberskin Backpack (Perm)
Warehouse Code (Perm)

Mother's Blessing (NT) x10

Way to go Aeria! Do you know the saying "able to burn water"?

The only thing you are missing from this "wonderful" pack is the KY we need to take it easier. Is it that hard to just make costumes (with no class restrictions) that people can enjoy without spending days, weeks and potentially years trying to get the right class costume?

Sorry and I know I am going to be disapointed but I hope and pray that absolutely no one buys this.  

For real cash, i expect giving us something we can't find in-game. The 100 X megaphone is simply ridiculous. I can purchase that in-game. Those in bold is nice. But as someone said, $200 is rather steep. I wonder how much in-game gold would it be worth for.
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