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15 Mar 2013
United States
PostedMar 28, 2013 7:43 pm

Seeking active & helpful guild. [EOS]

Guild recruiters / owners please read.
The title alone is pretty self explanatory.
I'm looking for an English speaking guild what is also mature, active, and helpful.
I don't mean helpful as in purely guild chat advice. I need help with some of my quests.
So physical help, willing to party with guild members is a plus for me.
I'm a level 30 Shadowmage and relatively new to the game. I have no other accounts on DKO.
But I'm a fast learner and I'd be an asset to any party given the chance.

If you think your guild is suitable for me please explain the activities your guild participates in, the average level base and contact information to guild leads/higher ups in your post. And of course your guild name.

Thank you for your time.


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31 Mar 2013
United Kingdom
PostedApr 11, 2013 1:55 pm
Hi there.

I'm the leader of a new guild called Vesperia.

Both me and the vice leader are English speaking level 30 warriors.
We could definitely do with a shadow mage among us.
We like to work together when it comes to quests so we'd be happy to help out in anything you'd need.

We are fairly new too so we'd all be on the same terms but we have a few higher levels we are well acquainted with that help us out on the tougher things.

When it comes to Guild activities and such we will have a lot coming up.
Plus all members input and suggestions will be taken in to consideration and given a try.
Like i said the Guild is currently new and is only level 2 right now.
There is still allot of work to be done but with time and more members it could become a very successful Guild.

My in game name is: CorruptedCat
So if you're interested just let me know here or in game. Smile
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