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05 Apr 2013
PostedApr 09, 2013 5:29 am

< HadokOa > Guild Recruiting Members [RG/Eng/NorthAmerica]

Welcome to HadokOa's Guild Forum Page
A guild that is made from a few RL friends based in Vancouver, Canada from playing WOW ( World of Warcraft ).

HadokOa is a Japanese word, it means HARDCORE ! ! !

We are Open for recruiting on any class / level / players right now. Limited Time Only. Until we think we reach the amount we want for *Daily* PVP BG / Chain Dungeon Runs.

Rules and Requirement
1. Be Active
2. North America Time Zone
3. Be Social
4. Love Running Dungeons / PVP as a Team
5. Be Productive
6. Donation is optional for NOW! but it would be helpful/appreciated if you do and strengthen the guild
7. No Drama
8. Be Friendly
9. Must enjoy the game and have fun within the guildies Razz
10. Vent or Skype is necessary Very Happy

Future Event in plan:

Bike Race.
A standard type bike, enhanced(is fine upon agreement), will be used for a race at race track below Bittercore base.

Daily Dungeon Event

More Events to come Soon! Be Patient and we are very open minded, We will consider your idea on new Guild Events in the future as well Very Happy

If interested, please fill in the form ( For Instant Invite, PM Yamade(Myself) in game )

Any question please do not hesitate to ask.

Yamade - Guild Leader/Founder of HadokOa
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