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08 Nov 2008
Rowland Heights United States
PostedApr 08, 2013 5:43 am

Is it worth it to invest in a weapon for soloing dungeons?

for money that is
Hey everyone, I'm wondering if I should invest in a better weapon in order to farm solo dungeons for money, I have a pretty bad +3 weapon with bare minimum stats, and was thinking about investing in a crit weapon in order to clear dungeons faster so I can farm up some money.

Would this be worth it? Or should I forgo running dungeons altogether atm since future dungeons will also require tons of passcards?

Sentinel btw.

Thanks in advance!


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12 Oct 2008
Frederick United States
PostedApr 08, 2013 6:14 am
when i hit 21 on my sent, pu, wh, and sw i used the cheapest blue i could afford and did not upgrade it since upgrades 1-3 are hard to come by unless your lucky. had no problems soloing drasil. yes it will be a bit slower until you get a nice 2x crit weapon if u can get one to drop. but its doable and worth it to save money. you will get plenty of passcards from quests, salvaging blue gears, and BG drops. and you get a daily thats rewards 3 passcards also when you can go to the pvp area
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