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[Guide]Game Mechanics.

Understanding the game and it's features.
This game has many neat and intriguing features some of which are the mechanics itself. This guide will explain everything to anything.
Start off with Movement UI
The Movement UI is quite custom to the individual player. Playing other MMO's you might get used to a certain format of things. But the developers have implemented an adjustable function within the game. Here you may move anything you would like and make it so that you can use the skills/potions/emoticons and much more with ease.

After placing the things where you want you can simply press save and it will save the layout for you!

Rune+ Rune Mounting
Runes plays a great role in a Dragon Knight's career. Let's start off with knowing a rune.Runes are items that can be mounted on a weapon or gear. A rune can have many positive things. Such as STR raising/Magic Def Raising/HP Raising/WIS increasement/etc. There are 4 types of runes. Red Runes/Yellow Runes/White Runes/Blue Runes/Green Runes. Red and yellow are the most common White,Blue and Green must be made.
Rune Mounting-
Rune Mounting is a process in which you are mounting a rune on to a weapon or gear of player's choice. Keep in mind that there is a process in which you can mount.

  • Red Runes MUST go first.
  • Followed by a Yellow rune.
  • Green OR White
  • Any rune color does not matter.
  • White OR Blue.

Rune Mounting Process

Than you should get a screen looking like this. Please insert and item into the middle. And if you have one place a Red Rune in the designated spot.

Now keep in mind that mounting is not always successful.It can become a failure. And if the mounting seems to fail your item will not have the rune mounted and the rune will break and leave your inventory. So be cautious on mounting as it can both ways.
Note:To quickly access Rune Mounting Screen. Please press "E".


Polymorph is when your character turns into one of the following things.You can turn into either a Slime,Spider,Goblin,Kobold, or a Gremlin.As of right now they are all level 1. You may turn into anyone of these animals by getting the metamorph scroll. if you are a beginner you will get one in your inventory.
This is how the item will look.
This is the metamorph scroll.

Double click it and you should turn into another creature for however long the duration on the scroll states.
This is the metamorph book.

Bloodied Valkyrie Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Blue Valkyrie Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Valkyrie Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Orc Warmaster Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Orc Berserker Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Werewolf Butcher Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Werewolf Berserker Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Wildling Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Succubus Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Dark Elf Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Kobold Bandit Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Kobold Axe-Guard Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Goblin Marauder Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Goblin Elder Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Ichthyte Warrior Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Ichthyte Champion Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Monitaur Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Hyaen Scavenger Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Hyaen Mauler Metamorph Book (30 Days)
Hyaen Bonecrusher Metamorph Book (30 Days)
The other metamorph books.
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Double Click it and you will be able to pick which creature you would like to turn into.

Character Points
After you level up an exclamation mark will appear over the Character Icon and Skill Icon. In the character Icon you can add points to certain categories to advance your character. The current categories are

  • STR-Increases characters strength
  • DEX-Physical Evasion
  • CON-Health regenerating increase.
  • INT-Magic Attack/Accuracy
  • WIS-Mana Regenerating.

This is what your character stat icon should look like. Within the Stats you see your attack and defense scores. These numbers represent how much you can attack and defend.When you level you can add 1 point to anyone of these 5 categories. After you do that please make sure you remember to save.Since if you do not your character will not be adjusted to your liking.
Note:Character stats can be viewed by clicking "C"

The inventory is where the Knight becomes a Knight. In the inventory you have all the tools you will need to become the best. The Inventory is divided into 3 sections. They are seperated by Tabs.
Inventory.This is where your drops/GM prizes and Shop Purchased items go to. . You have a limited amount of space within the inventory and should be used cautiously.The current amount of Inventory Slots are 42.
AP.After the Item Mall is placed up and purchases you make there with AP will be transferred into this tab.This goes the same for in game purchases as well.
Stash. This designated spot is for those code events. The items redeemed will end up here.


The Map is one of the most important function. Without it there is very limited you would know what to do. The map can be toggled by pressing "M" and there is is a mini map over the current Quest log. To view a "navi" press "N" it will pop up a little map that you can view while moving.In the full screen map you may use the scroll function to zoom in and out of the map.

  • Teleporting on Balt is free and can save you running time
  • All mainland teleporters can send you to all other teleporters and arrival points
  • Cost for travel depends on how far you're going
  • Sometimes you can save gold taking a round-about route instead of a direct path
  • Arrival points are a one-way deal, so double-check before confirming


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14 Jul 2011
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PostedApr 07, 2013 1:53 pm
Communicating is a huge part in this game. Yes you can do this solo but where's the fun in that? In DKO there is a function called Instant Manager.

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Here you can add friends and/or see which one of your fellow Knights is online,by clicking the online tab.

Uploaded with ImageShack.usTo add a friend you must click the Add Friend and than type in your friend's DKO username.
Blocking a player.
Sometimes certain players get on our nerves and their chats make us want to punch the computer. Fear not there is an option to Block other Knights. Simply click on the Block List and than click Sign Up. It will prompt you to a screen where you must enter the players IGN to block him.
More Assistance!
Sometimes we get quite irritated since we forgot those hotkeys. But worry not there is a way to view all the hotkeys at once. Simply press "H" and it will open a screen with a keyboard layout and a description of that key's function.

Uploaded with ImageShack.usSomething like this. Another way to view help is by pressing the Help Icon which resembles a question mark within a scroll next to the Guild Icon.If looking at both of these and you still need help. Please feel free to contact a Game Sage and or visit the forums!

Helpful Links!

DKO Link Portal
Free AeriaPoints

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