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03 Jan 2012
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[Paid Out] New World Foundation

Leviathan Only!

Players take a screenshot of their cities, and based on how many (1,2,3 or 4) They would get a prize. New Server only! Make sure your Screenshot has your Sire page in it. Players enter using This Form
***Important*** Incorrect entry -> No reward Sorry! ***Important***


Start: 4/17 @ 3:00 pm PST End: 4/19 @ 3:00 pm PST

Prizes -
1 City - City of Pegasus Scroll x1
2 Cities - Duke's Construction Order x1
3 Cities - Golden VIP (7 Days) x1
4 Cities - Golden Medal Chest x1

***IMPORTANT*** Not Stackable, Not repeatable ***IMPORTANT***

Need Help with Screen Shots? GO HERE!


  • Please allow 1-14 business days after the event has ended to receive your prize.
  • Prizes can not be given away.
  • Use of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and is a bannable offense.
  • Any and all players are subject to disqualification at any point before, during, and after this competition for violating the Terms of Service or any of our rules of participation.
  • You must post your image in this thread before the deadline.
  • No stealing any other players work.
  • No offensive/inappropriate language or imagery.
  • You must use tone of the included images.
  • No insulting any players entry.
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