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Bonus Ladder Guide

Courtesy of PM Spyra!
Introducing the newest buyer rewards application, the BONUS LADDER!

Q. What is the Bonus Ladder?

A. An awesome new app that lets you pick prize packs or extra items depending on how much you spend

Q. How do I get to the Bonus ladder?

A. Click the Bonus Ladder link on the left hand side of the item mall category link

Q. How does the Bonus Ladder work?

A. Spend the qualifying amounts of AP and unlock new levels. As you level up you can choose to redeem a Level or go for a higher level. CAUTION: Redeeming any level will restart the rewards from the ground up if the event is repeatable or end the event if it is not repeatable.

Level 1: 99AP, Level 2: 500AP, Level 3: 1000AP
In this example if you spent 600AP you would unlock levels 1-2. If you chose level 2 you get that levels prizes; however you then restart at 0 again. If you chose level 1 you only get that levels prize.

NOTE: AP does not roll over into events, so make sure you redeem as you spend to get the best rewards.

You spent 3000AP, the top level is at 1000AP, you can only redeem the Level 1x in this case; however if you sent 1000AP >Redeemed level 3 and then spent 1000AP more you could redeem level 3 again assuming the event is repeatable.

Prizes get better every level so be sure you read all the prizes listed before you redeem!! Prizes also vary in variety from level to level, so be sure to check out the awesome options each level to see if it contains just 1 item or packages, mystery boxes and more!

Q. If more than one event is running can I participate in multiple events?

A. YES! You can participate in all asynchronous events and events only reset once redeemed so that means you can redeem all of them and they reset independently.

1. For each event, you will see button(s) with a black lock on it. This lock means you have not spent enough to unlock this level yet.
2. This area will shows you how many AP remaining you needs to spend to unlock each respective level.
3. At first, the Redeem button will be greyed out to you, indicating that you haven't spent enough AP's to unlock it yet.

4. Once you have made enough purchases to unlock a level, the lock will be removed and a check mark will let you know that this level is ready for you to redeem.

5. If you tried to redeem a level below the highest level you are allowed to redeem, a warning box will pop up. This box is to remind you that once you redeem the selected level, the entire event will reset and all AP spent to unlock the high level will not count toward the next round. This example will shows that someone is trying to redeem a level 4 reward when they have up to level 6 unlocked. IMPORTANT: Please track your own spending since you're responsible for resetting each event at the level of your choice.

6. For your convenience, whenever a Bonus Ladder is up, there will be a little bar on the Web Mall page so wherever you are, you can see your spending level progress.

I hope this guide will help you with a better understand of our newest Bonus Ladder promotion vehicle and the many enhancements it’ll provide for you and your overall gaming experience.

Make sure to visit the Bonus Ladder section in the Web Mall often for current and future events!
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