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23 Jul 2012
PostedApr 02, 2013 2:23 pm

About your games and updates.

Just a REASONABLE rant about your games and updates.
I was originally going to email this to you but I found this lovely place. This is how it goes :

" Dear Aeria,

I have noticed the improvement of games and intense amount of updates you guys have released, and as a company that is very impressive to the end user. Also as a fan of your franchises, I love using my hard earned cash for some mind numbing fun.

Anyways, done with the arse kissing, now here is the bothersome part... the amount of games and updates you have, are really really and I mean REALLY showing off intense "booties" and "breastests" for the average user. Your ad placement could be a lot better without this necessary soft-core porn which you are trying to persuade with young minds, horny teens, and of course introverts. Do you really think that is the answer? Naked females or males ( I haven't seen all of the images)....Think about it, the only set of people that play your games are kids who love these fast paced games with bright colors and who try to fit in with older age groups, acne bustling teenagers who have no place in the real world to fit in where being masked under a username allows them the protection they need against any type of harm, stoners/druggies or (wanna-bes) who are bored out of their mind, college and university kids who are hung over and hungry who wants to kill 4 hour breaks between classes, and finally the older generation who are starting to get into these fast paced games so that they can relate to their kids.

Now, currently I am at a college/university state and coming back to Aeria everyday just to kill time for fun is fun, but having seen World of Tanks on the television especially on Fox 28 and questioned myself " Why...?". You could probably be there, and get users at a young age addicted to your satisfying goods. But remember this a channel, let alone the most hypocritical channel that starts many conspiracies from stupid blurbs and extra skin.

Anyways, my last rant, I realized that maybe you are just trying to appeal your customers with some skin, and like I said only a set of people can only be bothered by it while the rest ignore you ideas and blow their hard earned cash down the drain. As well you are kind of ruining the other gender, which is also distasteful for that selected gender, even though its these images are user created or "fake" there is a lot of messed up people in the world who take things and change it around to where it can harm them or others.

The solution though, which I have in stored for you is why not talk to your customers so that they can bring in more customers, and I do not mean those referring ideas, but I mean contact well known players in each sect and see what they can offer for you, but of course this would probably cost a pretty penny, but hey you need to use money to make money, and also why not and try to contact me I'm pretty sure this email should do some damage on your part as a company and see if you need my help to patch it up, I have many many more improving ideas for your ad placements to types of updates which should be allowed to even dying games, but alas you need to make the first move.


[OVKatz, had my real name in there]"

I hope my self-plug does something, thank you for reading and feedback would be much appreciated (:

EDIT: I'll email this anyway.
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