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14 Sep 2008
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PostedMar 29, 2013 8:10 pm
I'll be there Smile



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03 Mar 2012
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PostedApr 01, 2013 6:05 am

perfect lapisia

Sighborg88 wrote:
Hey Everyone,

We've gone through and increased the quantities of all Perfect Lapisia options. (Check the original post for details)

As we've mentioned in the past, we're trying to take emphasis off of GM services in order to allow our GM team more time to help the players, investigate ongoing issues, engage in events, etc.

We hope between increasing the quantities of Perfect Lapisia and adjusting the combination system the perfect lapisia system is more practical for you guys.

For reference, the changes to the combination system:

Original System:
Combining Lv6 to LV8: Requires 3 to upgrade
Combining Lv9 to LV11: Requires 5 to upgrade
Combining Lv12 to LV15: Requires 7 to upgrade

New System:
Combining Lv6 to LV10: Requires 3 to upgrade
Combining Lv11 to LV15: Requires 4 to upgrade
Combining Lv16 to LV19: Requires 5 to upgrade

We also went through and added a couple of other changes, take a look!  

I spent 2 days looking for the 'couple of other changes' and also the original post. PLEASE tell me where to find this information (I tried every search i could think of but no ...)


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28 Aug 2010
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PostedMay 09, 2013 7:33 pm
I'd like to see costumes available in even lower stages of tier. Personally, I have many characters to support with crr's and stuffs, so not content to have to pick between that. This also might be a solution to those that have alt toons on other account than they purchased AP to do the tier with (less AP needed to get the latest costume). Besides that, I'd love to see them simply tradable (gotta mention PWLs and PALs as well but dats already been told many times). And please put the bunny costumes again in tier ^^ tbh I'm not a fan of costumes at all lol, but these were my favs

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