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[Forum Tutorial] General Gameplay Explained

[Forum Tutorial] General Gameplay Explained

The purpose of this section is to ask questions and discuss general game play topics. A player can find information relating to a multiple different aspects of DK Online’s mechanics, story line, quest information and more. A player can even write out tutorials and suggestions for other players about general game play that is not class based or suggestion for new content.

Why this section over another?
General Gameplay is a place for all game play topics. General Discussion is sometimes favored over General Gameplay due to the belief of higher traffic and better results. If used properly, the section of General Gameplay can be a wonderful resource of finding answers to questions that have already been posted and to ask new questions that Game Sages and other experienced players can access.
General Discussion is not ideal for a location for questions and answers about game mechanics or quest chains. Many times, players will begin their questions in General Discussion and have their thread moved by a forum mod, a GM, or a GS asking a forum mod/GM for assistance. This is because of the reasons stated above.
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