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Elite Founder: Scarlet Blade
25 Jan 2013
Angeles City Philippines
PostedMar 28, 2013 6:04 pm

Windstrickz (RoyaL Guard)(andromeda)

This group is a part of a larger WindsTrickz Guild International. Larger and international mainly because the guild it self exists in several other games, Scarlet Blade is just the latest game the guild is exploring. Like the main guild, Windstrickz shares the same goal "To be one of the best guild there is."

Now, for the rookie guildies, don't be surprised when you see the chemistry between your other guildmates, and don't feel down if there are times when you feel left out, understand that some of us have known each other and have been together for years. But we are getting to know you too, just like you are trying to get to know us. And surely soon enough you too will develop a chemistry with the rest.

Lastly, a few basic rules. We help each other and assist if they have problem in quest or other stuff. We Love raiding and Boss hunting also. We never hesitate to help and someone will eventually come.

We are recruiting people who are interested to join..
You can reply With this Thread for an application and we can invite you in-game


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21 Mar 2013
PostedMar 29, 2013 2:09 pm

Guild Application

willing to apply
Name: Marving
Class: Defender
Level: 25 (almost 26)
Rank: - Follower #103
Language(s): English and Filipino
Gender: Male
Been a member since Closed Beta
Active player (average 10 hours a day)

One problem tho, i'm the leader of a current guild. How exactly do i leave it? it keeps telling me that i need to assign my leadership to someone else; but i don't know how.

Please help Very Happy
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