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09 Aug 2011
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[DMUS] Maintenance Notes (3/12/13)

A More Powerful Agumon Appears!!! (3/12 - 4/9)

Patch List:

  1. Agumon(Black) DigiEgg has been added to Cash Shop
  2. Special Easter Event For the "Special" Digimon Masters
  3. Onlooker Rabbit Hunt!
  4. Arkadimon DigiEgg(Normal) drops enabled
  5. Digimon Attribute System added
  6. Exp Event Extended!
  7. New player package ended

Agumon(Black) DigiEgg has been added to Cash Shop

To celebrate the release of the Agumon(Black), Dragon Mercenary DigiEgg items are 30% off!
- Only the DigiEggs with the "Event" Tags can be purchased at the discounted price.
- Agumon(Black) is not included in this event.

The Gift From An Agumon(Black)
- Just stay connected to receive loads of gifts!

30 minutes - Black Coin x1
1 hour - Miracle Fruit
2 hours - Piece of Backup Disk x1
3 hours - Digiaura 3hours x1

Items Available For Black Coin Exchange
Onyx Wing - Coin x25
Shadow Wing - Coin x25
Black Saint Wing - Coin x25
Grani - Coin x25
Holy Wing - Coin x25
Angel's Ring - Coin x25

- Go to the event NPC Agumon(Black) at the Data Center to exchange Black Coins.  

A special Easter prize for each day you log in!

March 29th - Evoluter x3
March 30th - Digimon archive x1
March 31st - Mystery reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg(easter)

- Items are given away automatically when player logs on for 4 hours
- You can obtain a random Mystery Reinforced DigiEgg(easter) level 4 or 5
Includes Kamemon, PawnChessmon(B), and Gizumon

Hunt Onlooker Rabbit!

He will randomly drop Mysterious Gift Boxes. Use them to obtain random rewards!

Items Gained From Scanning Boxes:
Lv.5 Monster Card - Produces a random monster when used
Hatching Backup Disk - Prevents penalty upon a failed Digimon hatching attempt
DigiAura 1 Day - Reduces DS cost for Digimon evolution and upkeep
DigiAura 3 Days - Reduces DS cost for Digimon evolution and upkeep
Digimon Archive Expansion - adds one slot to your Digimon Archive

- Items gained from random boxes cannot be traded with the exception of Lv.5 monster cards
- Lv.5 monster cards CAN be traded

Arkadimon DigiEgg(Normal) drops enabled

Digimon Attribute System
Attribute Point & Attribute Crystal Data System

Digimon Masters Attribute Point & Attribute Crystal Data System

Attribute Point

During combat players can have more advantageous position over their opponent Digimon from basic attribute and natural attribute to inflict more damage to the opposing Digimon, the damage to the opponent depends on the attribute point .(additional damage 20 ~ 40%).

Crystal Data System

Attribute points can be accumulated by the Digimon depending on the General attribute and Synastry of the Digimon, you can extract the Crystal data if you have 100% of the Attribute point.

Crystal Data can be acquired by the natural attribute and general attribute depending on Digimon.


- Create Attributes Crystal Data; for Attribute points reset.

- You can get the Attributes Crystal Data via Angewomon NPC

Vi attribute Digimon VS Da attribute Digimon = Vi attribute point increase

Va attribute Digimon VS Vi attribute Digimon = Va attribute point increase

Da attribute Digimon VS Va attribute Digimon = Da attributes point increase

Ice attribute Digimon VS Water attribute Digimon = Ice attribute point increase

Water attribute Digimon VS Fire attribute Digimon = Water attributes point increase

Fire attribute Digimon VS Ice attribute Digimon = Fire attribute point increase

Light attribute Digimon VS Dark attribute Digimon = Light attribute point increase

Dark attribute Digimon VS Spark attribute Digimon = Dark attribute point increase

Spark attribute Digimon VS Steel attribute Digimon = Spark attribute point increase

Steel attribute Digimon VS Light attribute Digimon = Steel attribute point increase

Wind attribute Digimon VS Wood attribute Digimon = Wind attribute point increase

Wood attribute Digimon VS Land attribute Digimon = Wood attribute point increase

Land attribute Digimon VS Wind attribute Digimon = Land attributes point increase

Thank you yulli for helping with this portion.

EXP Event Extended!
Acquire 30% movement speed
Acquire 100% EXP
Acquire 200% EXP  

New Player Bundle ended

Aeria users who create new accounts after maintenance will no longer receive the Aeria new player package  


Rank 4
09 Aug 2011
Aeria Games, CA United States
PostedMar 29, 2013 7:59 am
Please note that Pawnchessmon(W) was removed from the egg drop options, and archive expansions were reduced to 1.

Sorry for the inconvenience
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