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12 Jun 2009
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PostedMar 28, 2013 4:33 pm

Sonic 2, + Where is a good reference for linking and enchant

I am currently trying to link sonic 2 lapis to a treffer walker
Whats % of chance for sonic 2?
Which hammer would you use?

- or do you have sonic 2 linked treffer or hermit 2 sell, plz see my barter thread here


I need a good reference for various shaiya related questions. A good example of what I mean can be seen in my past situation trying to figure out a lot about debuff lapis, weapons, etc. I searched the forum and came up with 1000's so there was no telling if there was a guide about it in there. I know for the most part all of this stuff is self explanatory, or maybe it takes a couple of steps and ask a veteran a question or two to figure out all the info we need, but,

A new player has got to be even more lost than me. I came back to this game after around 2 years of absence and I have no idea what max OJ is, how to 'create' items, because I tried to put in 3 similar items to create one,

there's a * horde of info I cant seem to tap into


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28 Aug 2010
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PostedMar 28, 2013 5:11 pm
Well I gave my sonic to my ex to link for me since I'm permanently cursed with bad luck so I can't really help on linking chance. Some people are more or less lucky on them, but you're best to go with an OP hammer to link it for sure and possibly a Lucky Charm to prevent breaking the item (if i remember it right but you better ALWAYS double check it lol).
As for lapising there's a helpful wiki site if you get confused what will link where and stuffs. Best is always to ask, it never hurts and better safe than sorry lol especially if it comes to lapis with breaking chances which I find kinda hard to remember myself.
As for GM services you got explained how to go through a ticket redemption process here. Placeholders are pretty much listed here. Be careful what you want to trade as well.

Good luck ^^

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