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Founder: Dragomon Hunter
11 Mar 2013
United States
PostedMar 27, 2013 7:14 pm

SSGN (Swift Strike Gaming Network) Andromeda Royal Guards

Join the ranks of our wonderful yet pvp hated community.
Do you like PvP? Do you like smashing free knights senseless? Do you enjoy getting revenge for a fallen friend? If so thats some good news and you should head on over to Royal Guards and m one me for an invite IGN Tsutsuji. Want us to get to you faster? Hit up our website and apply today for a priority invite waiting for you on our waiting list. Tired of having to type when PvPing or doing boss runs? come on over to when and if you join our guild. Thats all for now guys and girls check out website or pm me in game for more information. Thank you

Swift Strike Gaming Network Founder and Leader. Check us out @
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