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18 Jun 2010
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PostedMar 25, 2013 10:09 am
ruitea wrote:
Perhaps losing battle points even?  

Worst idea ever.

Have a guild? Add it to the list!


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24 Feb 2007
PostedMar 26, 2013 4:30 pm
And this is why players are leaving this game. RvR although it's fun to play and attend, do you really want to be stuck at lvl 42 for how ever long it'll last for? I just had two players completely quit the game because as they put it "Im tired of this boring game nothing to do, and nothing to look forward to." It is what it is......

But that's besides the point right now. Having this whole game based on RvR and not expanding it in other areas will be this games downfall eventually. Yes I like RvR and some changes are welcome, but then again someone will eventually complain about something. And with enough complaints it'll be changed again: once again distracting the main expansion of the game. With so much attention and emphasis on just RvR and PK players will find new means and forms of entertainment.

In my opinion and this is just me saying this, agree to disagree. Let's try to balance this game out. I'm looking forward to the new expansion and hopefully some other new things in it (Like new level cap, armor, skills etc...) How about adding new things to do, fun mini quest's or fishing or something to keep us entertained and busy in the game. Besides just grinding countless hours and collecting gold, which now seems like a tedious task in itself.

I don't know, with so much going on and this constant RvR issue I hope this game thrives at some point. As for now all we can do is sit around and wait to see what happens next.


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06 Dec 2008
Ignea Croatia
PostedMar 27, 2013 3:55 am
Remember that the game can only get better, and I am sure soon it will.
We have a new village and a new dungeon coming together with a new PK area.

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