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Elite Founder: Scarlet Blade
13 Aug 2011
Sydney Australia
PostedMar 26, 2013 4:26 am

Bounty Hunter

I can't believe you're still flying that relic, Audio.
We'll have to try something more subtle this time, Omni. My client is getting impatient.

IGN: Audiodelus
You hire me to kill something, I kill it.
-I don't do power levelling. It's a hassle.

Rates: 200m for first 10 minutes +100m every 10 minutes after.
-Timer starts when I use my first spell on your intended target.
-If I take a break, I reset the latest 10 minute timer to 0.
-I use lv 90 Alpha Ouryuken. That mean's things die fast. That means I go through Disk H fast. That means I use money fast. That's why the rate is high.
-For Armagemon/DexDoru bosses, 25% more cost. I use Chicken Combo to tank them.
-Whisper me in game, not here. If i'm free then I can do it. If its 200%, i'm probably not available.
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