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Aeria: Product Manager
03 Oct 2012
United States
PostedMar 25, 2013 11:52 pm

Re: [Q & A] March week 2

RollaR_50248 wrote:
Aeria.Mazinger wrote:
Hi Wartune!!
Spring is here!!! I hope you like the spring as much as I do!! It's great weather and warm wind. I love weather like this.

This week let's start some updates:

  • [...snip]
  • Cross Server Battleground schedule will be changed next week. Please see the following:

    09:00-10:00 PDT This should be a great edition for our EU players
    13:00-15:00 PDT Remain the same.
    21:00-23:00 PDT Added one more session.
    *Player will only be able to receive rewards for the first two attempts*

    Our developer was helpful in working with us to add additional CSBG session. Out of all of the CSBG times we requested, they were able to deliver. They had raised their concerns about that session will have conflict with the WB that starts at 11:00am, so we decided to slash that one from the requested schedule.


This never got implemented. Any reason?  

This will be implemented with the next version update, which when happen ETA next week.

I am gathering more information and will start another Q & A session sometimes this week.


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01 Feb 2012
United Kingdom
PostedMar 26, 2013 2:29 am

In the meantime i've seen that certain servers will be getting a pre-release for patchII. It sounds like we will not be getting the same treatment. This is going to make battlegrounds for level 50+ an absolute nightmare since the new troops will give a significant boost to a player in pvp.


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26 Apr 2013
Dundee United Kingdom
PostedApr 26, 2013 6:38 am
Aeria.Mazinger wrote:
Saveric wrote:
Hey Mazinger,

I have a question about events. Why is it that English based servers are getting the short end of the stick for these event rewards.

While yes people need clothing and it's nice that they are giving it. But on the other site servers for other languages(Chinese, French, German) they don't get basic clothing that anyone can buy it's special clothing. Chinese servers had special mount and clothes designed for the event for their New Years. German servers had the Pig + Alpaca + Golden Wings exchanges for January event with the Ore Event, the Rabbit for February Event with the Rose Event, and for March they have Dragon Wings + Vampire Clothing for the Easter Event.

This is what the Easter Event Clothing looks like for German Wartune: (Yes Wings are in the exchange too)

While English Servers get:(I had the white set base so had to use the store to preview this one since the exchange for us is the blue set)

German Wartune gets clothing with the special tag that other wise has to be a rare proc when transmuting, English Servers get basic clothing. And yes the stats are the same on both servers for them.

Players would be more inclined to purchase the Clover Boxes and do the Balen Portion of the events that are set up if there was something worth gaining to balen spenders for it as well. Which would be the Special Clothing and not Basic clothing in the event.  

Thank you for pointing it out.

I will relay your message to the developer and encourage them for similar event.


Any update on this? I play on a Kabam server but the same question arise as well because personally I would love these special clothes. So I'd like to see what other servers' answers are for this question. Thanks.
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