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27 Jan 2013
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PostedMar 25, 2013 10:48 am
skuxemup wrote:
minuzaki wrote:
Well, there are mobile games that Aeria publishes. But, I don't think that there will be a phone that can fully support an MMO for a long time.  

That is totally BS haha

I found a way around this with an iOS app called Splashtop2 (Remote version) which enables me to play GF in full graphics, sound etc via my iPhone 5 and iPad's it's not one bit laggy when I'm at home using it across my home network nor is it too laggy using it from work etc.
The UI can be a pain at first but if you're willing to drop a few dollars then you can download and personalize your gaming controls etc otherwise you can still use your tab bar, move around, left and right click etc as normal on the free version except I think that only works when your computer or laptop and iOS device are using the same network.

There are other ways Aeria could enable user abilities to tablet and Smart/iPhone users however I highly, highly doubt Aeria would ever consider the options available for that as they would need ALOT of developer work to be able to fully monetize and create a subscription based way of people accessing their "F2P" games via tablets and smart/iphones.

Splashtop has also enabled me to play GW2, DotA and Diablo2 via my iOS devices easily they also claim to allow usability to many other games like WoW, LOTRO and the list goes on which I'm yet to try...  

Ah well my apologies. I didn't realize that there was way around to do that. I didn't mean via an app or anything, but on the other hand a hosted iOS server, rather than through an app to get into the regular servers. The work involved from developers on a game this old just fiscally wouldn't be smart. I think Aeria Mobile is much more geared towards apps and not severe MMO's.

And I said "I think", meaning I wasn't 100% sure. Before going "LOL THIS IS TOTAL BS" and generally being rude and trolly, read. While I do appreciate the extra information that I wasn't aware of, please be generally kinder when executing.

EDIT: Though I totally wouldn't mind a sprite trainer app, so I can train while at work. Training them while I'm leveling is such a pain in the butt. I know it'll never happen, but it would be awesome if it did exist.


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18 Feb 2011
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PostedMar 25, 2013 10:25 pm
What I've also found is Splashtop 2 works for Android as well. I'll be trying it now on my Xperia Tipo. But there are also some stand alone MMOs designed for Android (I've never had an IOS device but I'd assume they exist for it too, given the capabilities) which run on lower end devices like the HTC Wildfire. I've never tried them but according to the reviews they work well.
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