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05 Aug 2012
PostedMar 25, 2013 3:48 am

Race change

Suggestion: to make NPC that gives a bunch of quests for you to change your race.

I thought of this while playing as my halfkin and thinking how it would be perfect to be a human now, though while playing human I'd want to be halfkin again =D And I think others would want it too, maybe because one race is better in specific class then other and etc.

My thoughts for this so far are:
* The race change quests would be available only for 60+ characters
* NPC that gives the quests would be some old geezer (When I think about it more, I always think that the NPC could be Merlin from Shrek =D
* The quests would be realy long and not normal (Since the NPC would be Merlin, no wonder they wouldnt be normal =D. Something like kill thousands of monster in various areas, do some dungeons/trials xxx times and etc.)
* Race change would be only available two times. Second time would be a lot harder then first one. (In case you want to change back.)
* Racial crafting would reset

Might add something more later. I'd like to hear your thoughts about this~
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