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Grand Fantasia ; Saphael's End

Semi-Apocalyptic story based on the Grand Fantasia world. I dont even know. -w-
Ahh. Just started to write this out of random ideas and dreams I've been having. People/Guilds mentioned in this story are all based on the people I've encountered in Grand Fantasia , though the personalities with the characters are what I made up entirely.

If you want me to mention your character/guild , just lemme know. It'll help me out a bit, but keep in mind that if you have a silly character name that's not actually a name, I'll probably be picky and have you pick a character name for it. :I

Also, my writings aren't the best as my grammar, so ignore any mistakes you see. Feel free to point them out too, I can't say i'll fix them, but I'll try to -w- I forget a lot of things. Meeeeeh. I was also very unsure of how long I should make my chapters because I tend to write A LOT when I get into a writing mood , so I kind of just stopped this first chapter suddenly, sorry ;o;

I will be updated this topic in particular with newer chapters, as well as posting this on my Grand Fantasia Tumblrrrr.

Chapters Released ;
1 - Things Are The Way They Are


1 - Things Are The Way They Are
He didn't know what had happened , or where he was for that matter. All he knew was the never ending darkness surrounding him , and the stringing pain in his left shoulder. He spent only a few minutes trying to gather his thoughts in order to figure out what exactly had happened , only when he was in deep thought did he hear a faint echo in the distance. The tone of voice reeked of familiarity and yet he couldn't not determine who this voice belonged to.

" Stev! "

Turning around in place , he'd only attempted to locate the direction of the voice. No matter which way he looked, the voice that called his name seemed to have come from every direction.

" Stev! Wake up! "

A jolt of pain sent to his shoulder caused Stev to sit up in shock. Once his eyes were open , he seemed to recall everything that had hapened. Kaslow Plains was far from what it once was, the peacefulness that was kept there had become non-existant once the Emissaries had started rampaged across Saphael, soon after that started various unfortunate things began to occur.

" Is he awake ? " Another familiar voice, one he knew all too well. After a nod of approval from Furuchi, Tempesta spoke once more, " Stev, I need you to get up and help Furu take Meeyo back to the Guild Base, can you do that? " Stev only gave a nod in response and watched, in slight shock, as Tempesta kneeled over Taisyn with shaky hands held over his chest. Simply by the look on her face, Stev could tell they were losing him.

" Tai... Is he-- " The look he'd received from her silenced him almost instantly. She looked distraught, almost as if she was guilty for Taisyn's current condition. Stev thought it best to leave her with what she was doing and decided to do what she'd asked of him in the first place. It was only when Furuchi was helping him stand up did he notice the trembling in her as well. The expression Furuchi held was a broken one, she looked ready to break down and yet she managed to keep her emotions in tact.

The pair made their way to the tree where Meeyo's body had been against, her breathing was faint but she was still alive. She looked just as broken as the rest of the group that had been there. Taking one of her arms, he slowly pulled it over his shoulders while Furuchi did the same with her other arm. Meeyo was fairly small and easy to carry, yet the wound to his shoulder would have made it a difficult task alone.

The guild had decided to take up the task of doing a run through Kaslow Plains and Sprites' Forest for any signs of another attack, something that all the guilds had decided upon together. They hadn't gotten anywhere near the border to Sprites' Forest when Envy's Madness had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked. It seemed like only a blink of an eye and chaos had erupted almost immediately, before they all knew it, they were fighting to stay alive.

A lowly wizard in the guild managed to make way back to the walls of Kaslow and what seemed like an eternity later, people from other guilds began to show up in order to fend off Envy's Madness. Kaslow Plains soon became a place of death instead of peace. The blood of many had stained the grass in that short amount of time that the Emissary was allowed to rampage.

Stev couldn't help but take a glance at the scene distancing behind him as he moved forward slowly and carefully. Quite a bit of the guild members had their lives taken away, as was the same for many of the guilds that took part in the attempt to wipe out the Emissary. Sprites of those who had fallen remained next to the body of their Master's, unsure of what to do or where to go. Those who were still breathing were both lucky and unfortunate.

Upon entering the once grand walls of Kaslow, Furuchi and Stev wasted no time heading towards the city's teleporter. With the series of strange things happening, people had soon come to realise that teleporters in the main cities such as Kaslow, Ilya, and Jale were the safest to getting to guild bases, however various other teleporters in areas of Saphael had been destroyed. Almost as if someone had planned this interference.

A sudden twitch from Meeyo caused both Stev and Furuchi to stop in their tracks, their eyes both on her. Meeyo's eyes opened ever so slightly as another pained groan escaped her lips. Her head lifted for only a moment to look around to see where she had been and before either of the two could say a word, her head dropped and she slipped away into unconsciousness.

" At least we know she'll be fine "

" Yeah. Let's get her to the base so she can rest properly. " Furuchi gave a small nod in agreement, adjusting Meeyo's arm around her shoulders and the two made way to the teleporter. The greeting they received once they had appeared from the teleporter was that of excitement and worry. A couple of sprite's who had been requested to remain behind ended up crowding Stev and Furuchi's feet, unaware of them making it difficult to walk.

" I'll take her from here. " Furuchi stated, pulling Meeyo a little closer so she wouldn't allow her to fall.

" You sure? "

" I'm sure. Besides, you're better at handling those Sprites than I am " The smile she'd given him told him that he had no choice in the matter. Furu wasn't going to be dealing with these creatures as they would probably have annoyed her more than anything. Simply agreeing, Stev released Meeyo's arm and turned to face the group of sprites who had begun murmuring upon themselves, Teostra included.

The little sprite slowly approached Stev, both out of fear and worry of what it's master might do. Deciding it was best to be near their level in height, Stev simply took a seat where he'd been standing and the group of sprites immediately took it as a welcoming, " Master, where is everyone else? "

" Aha, well we ran into a really big problem in Kaslow Plains... " His voice drifted off at the realisation that he'd have to announce that some of their masters wouldn't be coming back, " I don't know how else to put this... to some of you at least. " Sprites had faced their own problems in the past and Stev was almost sure that they knew what he had planned to say, yet they remained silent , waiting for the paladin to speak.

" Some of your Masters won't be coming back. " It was a simple statement. Such a simple statement and it caused a sickening pain in Stev's chest. Thinking on it, he realised that he wouldn't be seeing some of his guildmates after that battle. He felt like he had failed. He failed his friends, guildmates, he even felt as though he failed his own class. A small hand to his cheek caused his head to lift, his gaze met with Teostra's, " Don't cry, Master. It's not your fault that things are the way they are."

" Out of the way! "

Quickly wiping his tears away, Stev jumped to his feet and moved in the direction of his Guild Leader's voice. Moments later Zac rushed by the group of sprites with Taisyn held over his shoulder. What was left of the guild had made their way into the base, each and every one heading to their bunks. Looking among the faces of his guildmates, he'd come across his lover's still distraught face.

" Temp, are you okay? " A stupid question, and yet he couldn't help but ask. He approached the cleric in a cautious manner, a single hand reaching for her shoulder. She simply stared at him, tears welling up in her eyes while she shook her head. The moment she looked down, the tears began to fall and she merely held onto the front of his shirt.

" We almost lost him and it was all my fault... " She sobbed.

" No it's not. You didn't magically summon an Emissary to attack us, Tempesta. "

" If I was there helping him, he wouldn't have gotten so close to death! "

" But he's still with us. You kept him with us, stop blaming yourself for something you can't control... " His sentence drifted off, thinking about what Teostra had said to him only moments before they had all come back. " Things are the way they are now... All we can do is survive. "

Saphael had truly turned into a place of survival of the fittest. Everything was turning dark so suddenly, nothing made sense anymore. So that is how it was.

Things are the way they are.


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this is a good story. keep on writin'


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aww its such a good story >.<
and its so cute owo

keep writing if you find time to ~
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