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14 May 2007
PostedMar 23, 2013 5:05 am

cash shop crashing

Hello everybody.
Im a new player to DMO, joined the game couple days ago, been through many problems like game crashing and failure connect to the server but all got fixed and i can stand them since its a new game and i understand that.

This morning i went to the cash shop and its just keep crashing.
I tried to log off, restart the game, and still CS crashing.
It wasnt like that before, CS worked perfectly before for me and I even bought there but today its just being weird.

Also I got some AP, on the DMO it shows me 0 AP sometimes -2.... lol but on other aeria game i can see those AP fine.

I really like the game and a fan of Digimon and was happy to hear about this new game, which is also very fun but all the bugs couse me sometimes just to log off and take a break.
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