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11 Aug 2012
PostedMar 23, 2013 4:53 am

Event Timer

Event Timer
Problem: Have you ever logged into the game and you are about to start your event for the next day and you cant remember how much time you've played on that certain map already? Tired of having to write down the time played before you start and after? Then having to subtract the numbers to see how long you've played?

Idea: Well hopefully we can get this idea going. I'm thinking of a little timer that can be added to the info page via a new tab. It will describe the events for that week or month. It will show your time played for that event.

How can we make this possible?
Ava has timers in the game already. So we have to use the existing idea but add an option to reset the timer or activate a new timer for an event. Maybe adding a check box which will turn on and off this new event timer, but then again having specific added timers for events would be better. Then you could go in and just reset that specific timer. So you would have two times. One being the overall time played and two being your event time which can be reset. The overall time cannot be touched.

This is just an idea i have been brainstorming with myself and fellow Ava players. Most players would like to see a little better interface for events. I also feel more advertising for events will get more players participating. It should show a yellow message maybe every hour or something reminding players to participate. Considering some are events are short.

Thanks for your time. This is also just an idea and my opinion.
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