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17 Oct 2010
Halmstad Sweden
PostedMar 20, 2013 1:46 pm

Costume Alchemy for all costumes

Alot of costumes are so called "special equipment" and thus cant be used in alchemy(atleast not that im aware of) and thats quite sad, Ive noticed alot of my old costumes are special equipment too. I think they should simply be changed to be included in the alchemy cause i see no reason why they should not. A while back before the costume alchemy I popped in 2 +6agi stones in a Wandering ranger armor(special equipment) wich I regret now. And that leads to another suggestion I posted looong ago, and thats to implement an item similair to resonance stone remover except that it preserve the stone it removes, infact one idea would be that removing the stones has the price that it destroys the costume/item in the process.

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