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[Guide] ...Multiple things, maybe?

As the title says.
Well, hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in on this guide~ In this vast world of Digimon Masters, there are a bunch of things to do! Like leveling up alone or with a party, chatting with friends, hatching various eggs! But pssh, who's here for that? Lets begin with the various guides, shall we?

Table of Contents (Press Ctrl + F then Search in the following) :

  • Attribute Triangle

  • The process of hatching
    (This explains a bunch of things about your Digimon sizes and such as well.)

  • Bright topic of Evolutors!

  • Cloning! (Or as some people say, upgrading Digimon.)

  • Farming!

  • Riding Digimon!

  • Adding Attributes

  • How to delete unwanted Digimon!

  • Is it time... for Digimon Auras?!

First of all! Lets begin with the Attribute Triangle!

Vaccine [VA] is strong against Virus types [VI] .
Virus [VI]is strong against Data types [DA].
Data [DA] is strong against Vaccine types [VA].

You're able to deal more damage and have more accuracy when facing a foe that's weak against your attribute.

Next! Lets move on towards the Digimon; the process of hatching and such.

Of course. As seen on a few of our stickies, you know how to hatch, but there is more to our Digimon when we hatch them.

One of the available guides for Hatching digimon.
Another guide for hatching?

I believe there is a Back up option that you're able to use as it's in the item mall to reinforce your Digi-egg to prevent it from breaking. Bad part is, it's only used up to 4/5. I'm not sure if it's implemented in this version yet...

When we bring our Egg to 3/5 bars. That is the bare minimum of what is needed to hatch a Digimon. It is the smallest size for the Digimon and it is also the weakest.
3/5 Digimons can have a size from 70 - 99%.

When we bring our Egg to 4/5 bars. That is the middle of the 4/5. It's much stronger than a 3/5 Digimon and it is quite larger in size as well. 4/5 Digimon are sorta risky to get, if you're not using a cash egg. Since it has a high chance to break. (Although all normal eggs have a chance to break at whatever time they want.)
4/5 Digimon can have a size that varies from 100% - 127%

And now when we hit 5/5 bars on our Egg. (When the blue bar is filled in the incubator.) It is the max size. It is the most powerful and largest of the other sizes (3/5, 4/5.)
This is also the riskiest of things to try getting for, since it has a VERY high chance of failing.
5/5 Digimon can have a size from 115% - 130%.

Yay for 5/5 Dogmon egg on the Korean server?

Speaking of sizes, the max Digimon size. (Without a special temporary growth bean) is 130%. So try aiming to it!

Since we're also on sizes the topic of sizes. The way you can adjust your digimon sizes randomly, is by using a Miracle Fruit. You're able to get these at the Digi-core shop for 30 Digicores. You're also able to use a Miracle leaf on any of your Digimon. (Except your starter.) This has a random probability of making your Digimon bigger... or Smaller.
Also, your size of your Digimon, affects the stats of your digimon. Just keep that in mind.


Third on the list: We have the bright topic of Evolutors!

The question here now is. What can these things be used for? Well. They're used to unlock Evolutions of hatched Digimon! If you're wondering how to use them; you can switch the Digimon you want to unlock evolutions for and right click the Evolutor.

The thing with Evolutors is that they unlock Ultimate and Mega Digimons. Although if a Digimon is already at Champion state...
(Like Dobermon, Dogmon, Starmon and other digimon.)

If your Digimon is already at champion state, you have your ultimate evolution unlocked as well, so for the Mega, you need 8 Evolutors to unlock that evolution.

If your Digimon is not at Champion state, but is at rookie state to start off as instead. Then you have to use 3 Evolutors for unlocking it's ultimate state, and 6-8 for their mega state. (It depends on the Digimon, also Champion state is automatically unlocked.)

The Evolution for Digimon usually go as: Rookie -> Champion -> Ultimate -> Mega. (Unless it doesn't have a Rookie forme, then it's Champion -> Ultimate -> Mega)

Q: Where can we get Evolutors?
A: You're able to get them via the Digi-core shop for 50 Digi-cores. You're also able to get them from the cash shop. . . And whenever the card system gets implemented. You're able to get them via from there as well. I also heard Aeria gave 3 free Evolutors for a special thing.

Since we're still talking about evolutions... Certain Digimon have special evolutions that they can unlock with a Cash Shop item.
Examples are as such:

Zeed Cannon + Gabumon = ZeedGarurumon. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

Victory Sword + Agumon (Classic)= VictoryGreymon. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

That spear thing (Not sure on English name) + Salamon = Ophanimon. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

Toy Gun + Impmon = Beezlemon Burst mode. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

Gungnir + Guilmon = Gallantmon Crimson mode. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

Alphamon + Jogress Chip = Alphamon Ouryuken. (Must be 46 to Evolve into it.)

Agumon (Classic)/Gabumon + Jogress Chip = Omnimon. (Must be 46 to Evolve into it.)

Hagurumon or Drimgeomon + Duo Solar Spear = Craniamon. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

Monodramon, Starmon or Deputymon + Critical Arm = Fujinmon. (Must be 65 to Evolve into

Tentomon + Tyrant Claw = TyrantKabuterimon. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

Renamon + Monk Staff = Kuzahamon. (Must be 65 to Evolve into it.)

Terriermon + BlackMegaGargomon Wing = BlackMegaGargomon. (Must be level 65 to Evolve into it.)

I believe there's more to the things I've listed. Please PM me if I've missed any.

When you actually get to get to these Digimon. To evolve them you must meet the level range of them, and for the special evolutions; you also have to have a few accelerators in your inventory to evolve them. (I've forgotten how much is needed.) Although these are dropped a lot by the higher levels things in the ice region, like Gizumon for Example.

Next on our list, we have... Cloning! (Or as some people say, upgrading Digimon.)

First, you go to the DATS center, then you talk to Samson. I believe you click an option when you get there.

When you begin using this option in the game; you can't just upgrade automatically, you'll need capsules (Or Digi-clones, whatever you call them.) and back ups for upgrading.

If you want to decrease a certain stat on your Digimon, you're able to use a back up and decrease the level from there.

Back ups you're able to get from the card system, when it gets implemented. What these basically do, is save or protect yourself from decreasing from a stage of upgrade. Like going from 7 to 6 for example.

Keep in mind that: All your stats can only add up to 24. Sooo... yeah.
It's recommended if you go 12 and 12 in 2/4 of the things for maximized stats.


You're able to get capsules (Digi-clones) from the Digi-core shop or cards.

From 1-3: You use D rank capsules. These are worth 1 Digi-core.
From 4-6: You use C rank capsules. These are worth 2 Digi-cores.
From 7-9: You use B rank capsules. These are worth 3 Digi-cores.
From 10-12: You use A rank capsules. These, you're unable to get them from the Digi-core shop, but instead you get it from higher leveled cards used for the card system.

You're able to get back-ups from Monster cards or AP shop

The things you're able to upgrade via Digi-cloning!:
You're able to upgrade your Attack [AT], Block Chance[BL], Critical Rate [CT] and Evasion rate [EV] Via this system so try making a wondrous build for your Digimon from there!

Even more things... Farming!

Well, I know this may not be much... but it may help!

Usually when you kill a digimon, there's a broken Digi Eggs and there's also a Digi-egg that pops on the floor, right? It's something you can scan and usually it has an outline of white, green or cyan. You're able to get Mercenary eggs from Rookie Digimon and higher. (In-training Digimon do not give Mercenary eggs; Like Koromon, Tsunomon and so on.) If you want to get a Mercenary Egg of a Digimon you want, it's best to farm Digimon who are in the same evolution path.

The broken Digi-Eggs are able to be sold for money. There are different sizes of broken eggs which can be sold for different amounts of money each. You're able to "sell" these broken egg shards by going to a scanning person and choosing the second option and then left click the broken egg thing. Then sell them from there.

Now onto the Digi egg matter:

  • White outlined Digi-Eggs: When you scan them, you're able to get Food, Drinks and disks.

  • Green outlined Digi-Eggs: There's two types of Green outlines. One that holds only Data chips, and the other one which holds Data chips and other things like Food, drinks, disks, and more things. It's best to keep the chip ones in your inventory, and you can do whatever you want with the other type.
    Note* If you wanna get a certain type of Data chip, Make sure that the egg you scan is the type that will get you that certain type of chip.

  • Cyan outlined Digi-Eggs: These are the really rare kind of eggs. You're able to get random pieces of clothes from them. You're also able to get rare attributes for your clothing from when you scan this. Stats you're able to get for your clothing is as shown:

    This just means that a certain % of what the attribute says, will be put onto your tamer stats for that certain type of clothing.

    You can also get data chips... and best of all, you can get plates that you can insert in your Digivice. These plates vary from Digi Soul [DS], Hit points [HP], Defense [DE], and Attack [AT]. These plates will only work if your Digimon matches the plate. Like if it says [DR], it means Dragon type Digimon will work with that type of plate.

Riding Digimon! or gaining the option to ride Digimon:

Well, for starters. You're able to ride on Digimon who walk on four legs and look like they're able to have you on your back. (Which is obvious.) Gallantmon has its Grani that you can ride, and Beezlemon has it's behemoth you can ride.

If you have a Champion Digimon that's ridable, you can talk to an NPC named Megumi, that should be in the area beside the DATS center. Once you talk to her, you're able to access her shop and buy a rider wing.

Once you buy this, you're able to use it on a Digimon who's champion state is ridable, once you do so, you can evolve your Digimon and press that "R" button on your Evolution Tab to ride the Digimon.
For people who are wondering. GAOGAMON IS NOT RIDABLE.

If you have a Mega Digimon that's ridable, you're able to buy a "Mode Selector" via the item mall or other players. I believe you need two of them to activate the riding mode for mega Digimon.

Note! Mega Digimon that you ride, are not affected by aggressive mobs. So you can ride your mega Digimon anywhere. You can also restore fatigue slowly by riding on Mega Digimon.

You're able to use this on Champion Digimon as well, and you only need one of them to activate it. (For Champions).

For the Grani:

And the Behemoth:

You'll need the items that are located in the item mall for these. You also have to have Beezlemon or Gallantmon unlocked to use this riding feature.

Oh my god? Adding Attributes to clothing to get more tamer stats!:

Hmm... well, since some people asked me to go detail on this. I will.

First off, you go get some of these Attributes. They are usually dropped by Digimon you kill, or from the Cyan blue outlined eggs.

After that. You go to either Doruphin/Dolphin in Yokohama Town (The place beside DATS center), or you can go to Kamemon who is located in Western Town. Once you go to either of them, make sure you have your attributes in your inventory. You then click "Attribute Analysis". Once you get to that point, you right click your attribute that you want to scan, then you scan it. Then after you get the attribute you want.
You can now merge that attribute with which ever equipment you want. Talk to Doruphin or Kamemon again, then click "Equipment Merge". Once you reach this step. Right click your equipment that's in your inventory, then you can right click your attribute and click merge on the bottom.

After that... you're set with Attributes!

If you ever want to remove your Attribute, you can go back to Doruphin/Kamemon and click "Equipment Merge" once more, then you click on the attribute that's on your equipment and click "De-activate".

Stats you're able to get for your clothing is as shown:

How to delete unwanted Digimon!

At times, there are feelings of wanting to delete an unwanted Digimon... if you're wondering how to do this. Please just... press C to go to the tamer page. Then go to your "Digivice" Tab. After that you right click on the Digimon you wish to delete, then you scroll to delete and click it... and then it'll ask you if you really want to delete it... before you click yes... make sure you say good bye then click yes... and it shall go away from you... Forever...

Is it time... for Digimon Auras?!

Well, as it's been requested by skull12580, I've volunteered to put this in this guide.

Firstly. There are level Auras. You can obtain these auras by reaching a certain level. These are obvious to look for, since the aura will be surrounding your Digimon once you hit a certain level.

The level 80 Aura is the last aura there is. Which means there is no other aura afterwards.

Secondly after that, there are Auras that have to deal with sizes. These size Auras are usually located below your Digimon's feet.

Unforunately, if your Digimon is under 110%. You won't get a size Aura below your Digimon.

If you have any questions, leave me a PM or if you want me to include anything to this, also leave me a PM.


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sang06 great guide ^_^

Also you might like to add that Digiclone A,B,C,D can also be bought from AP shop


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Hello there. As it seems rather important, perhaps I could request you make a section in your guide dedicated to the auras? The post here has pictures of them, but to have them in a guide would be quite beneficial for all.

If you are up to it, it may be better if you were to edit the text to English. If you need help with that, feel free to message me.

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